Job fairs: This can be very daunting for anyone at any stage in the job search, but job fairs are a great way to get to see the companies in your area. You can see what positions are available without having to apply or call anyone, if you aren’t ready for that.


As I have previously talked about, informational interviewing is a tool to use in order to get to know a company, and talk to individuals about how they have gotten to where they are. A job fair is one great way to attain that informational interview.

I know that for some individuals with sensory sensitivity, this can be a concern. If you are unable to make it I would find a list of the employers that are at the job fair, and either start contacting them or applying. Your local VR offices often hold job fairs for employers that have a history of working with individuals with disabilities and or HFA/Autism. These employers are aware of some accommodations that might be needed.

A few months ago I met a young man at a local job fair, and initially we were just going to look around. As we walked together and started looking at companies, he worked up the courage to talk to a few on his own, and gather contact information should he choose to pursue that career. It was a great experience for him as he was able to use his one-minute commercial, and gain much needed confidence in talking to employers…which is half the battle of being successful in your job search. I would look at local job fairs in your area and consider just walking around to see what opportunities might be available!

By Maggie Cromeens

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