From Diagnosis to Independence

This free Workshop Series focuses on first understanding then excelling with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Hosted by Jennifer Allen, Founder of Aspergers101, a well known team of autism experts has been assembled (and those living successfully on the spectrum) provides viewers 4 live stream sessions covering the topics of:

1) Diagnosis, 2) Education, 3) Social Development  4) Independent Living.

The uniqueness is offering this series for free with a live Q & A after each session in which patrons have asked our expert panel questions (recorded) pertaining to Autism/Aspergers.

Panel of Experts: Berenice de la Cruz, Ph.D., BCBA-D ,Director of Training and Research/Autism Community Network, Lisa Rogers, M.A. Special Education, Author & Director/Educating Diverse Learners, Dema Stout, MA, PCC, CPCC , Director Greatness Coaching, Louise O’Donnell, Ph.D, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry – UT Health Science Center – Main Campus  Jennifer Allen/CEO & Founder Aspergers101 and Samuel Allen/TCASE Student Success Story of the Year & Spokesperson for Texas initiative “Driving with Autism” and Aspergers101.

#1 Diagnosis (May 9th 2017)

Do you suspect someone you love has autism or Asperger Syndrome? This program will explore the signs, the medical explanation, and the hardwired facts. Topics discussed will be the importance of diagnosis, grief, and moving forward with awareness. Special guest: Dr. Berenice de la Cruz, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Chief Operating Officer, Autism Community Network. (runtime 1:31:18)

Download the pdf Powerpoint Presentation on “Diagnosis” here: Diagnosis


#2 Social Development (June 13th 2017)

This program will explore the feeling of isolation and new aids such as internet apps to help you connect with your loved one. Personal and work relationships as well as the dangers of internet relationships will also be discussed.
Special guest: Dr. Louise O’Donnell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, UT Health Science Center San Antonio. (runtime 1:31:04)

Download the pdf Powerpoint Presentation on “Social Development” here: Social Development

Resources: App’s, ibooks and videos on non-verbal communications Momentum Research , Social Quest, Model Me Going Places, The Social Navigator are all at a cost but seem to rate well.

Here are some free options I found: How to Make you own Emotion Cards, Set of Blank Emotion CBT Worksheets, and 101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills

Free Social Skills Worksheets for Educators


#3 Choices in Education (July 11th 2017)

Learn more about the various options for school: public, private, charter or homeschool. Discuss the pros and cons of each and how to tailor the K-12 years to suit your child’s needs. Special guest: Lisa Rogers, Director of Educating Diverse Learners. (runtime 1:33:57)

Download the complete pdf Powerpoint Presentation  “Choices in Education” here


#4 Independent Living (August 8th 2017)

Discover helpful tools that assist with independent living. Discuss life after high school including driving and transportation, choices for higher education, employment, and living options. Special guests: Julie Coy Manier & Grant Manier, authors of “Different is More”. (runtime 1:33:03)

Download the complete pdf Powerpoint Presentation “Independent Living” here Summer Series – Independent Living

Press Conference Announcing The Aspergers101  Series with the San Antonio Public Library Asperger Syndrome: From Diagnosis to Independence.
May 3rd 2017 10:30a San Antonio Public Library Downtown Special Guest(s):  Ron Lucey/Executive Director Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities,  Ramiro S. Salazar/Director of San Antonio Public Library and Jennifer Allen/Founder Aspergers101.

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