“Social Expectations: The inability to read facial expressions

For neuro-typicals, reading facial expressions comes easy but for those on the spectrum, medically, this is near impossible.  Solutions and tools, such as observational learning, are offered in this edition of Top of the Spectrum News.

“The Autistic Mind: Different in Function and Anatomy”

Understanding the function of the Autistic Brain may help you understand, or explain, the different behaviors exhibited by someone with Aspergers Syndrome. Doctors reveal studies proving the importance of therapy as the autistic brain is different in both function and anatomy from a neurotypical brain. In other words…it’s not bad behavior!. Aspies are coming from a place of being different neurologically.

“The Impact of Autism/Asperger on the Siblings”.

A look into the very challenging world of having a sibling with Asperger syndrome or Autism. Guest(s) : Billy Edwardds, Francesca Gunn, Charlie Allen, Katelyn Tarwater


“Effects of Bullying”

School is much like a war zone for many of those with ASD. Bullying occurs primarily (but not limited to) the Middle School years. Dr. Tony Attwood chimes in on the torment and potential solutions.


“Asperger by Definition – The Early Signs”

Guests: Lisa Rogers/Educating Diverse Learners Offering a basic yet practical overview of Aspergers Syndrome and High- Functioning Autism, this video segment provides a look at the early signs revealing your child may have Aspergers Syndrome.

Aspergers101 Launch!

WOAI-TV 4 reports on the launch and inspiration behind the new full resource website on High-Functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome called….aspergers101.com!


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