Her heart supplies flow to remote extremities not her own. Life beyond her own requires all she can give, all of the time, for the rest of her life. A new reality not familiar but all encompassing. She is the caregiver and life support for a child with autism. She is a Mother. In the shadow of the crowd she flows an internal stream of strength and resourcefulness. Joy is derived in the brief triumph of society’s perceived common performance, and sorrowful familiarity consumes her soul in clearing hurdles too high for the neurotypical masses. She is unobserved, often ridiculed, and apart from the crowd yet her strength and beauty resides above the noise of ‘normal’ and her soul finds respite in Gods gracious stronghold. She rises to her lifelong lot and delights in the fragility of life that often passes others understanding. Though often tired, her senses are keenly awake! She is a beacon, a heroine seen and respected by those, like her, forging life’s path for her child.

Sunrise by Claude Monet
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