If you have never created a movie, the sheer technology of it might seem overwhelming. You might be surprised how simple it can be if you know just a few key features. If you have access to Movie Maker on a PC, then here is some information that will help you through. How to Make a Video Make a movieContinue Reading

The following is a list of tips to create and use your own video modeling tool. Videos are short, usually 2-5 minutes, or even shorter The student will typically watch the video 3-5 times at one session The student will then practice the skill/behavior targeted in the video. The teacher might say, “Now it’s your turn, just like the video”Continue Reading

Learning with Less Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety create a negative situation, which makes learning difficult. In a traditional teaching situation the need for person-to-person interaction can be a cause of stress and anxiety. A child is unnecessarily burdened by the need to overcome this stress and anxiety before they can focus on what is being taught. Learning eitherContinue Reading