Marcia Eckerd PhD

Marcia Eckerd PhD has been in practice as a licensed psychologist since 1985. She is on the CT ASD Advisory Council and the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Aspergers/Autism Association of New England, as well the professional advisory board of Smart Kids with LD. Dr. Eckerd specializes in working with individuals of all ages who have issues with social understanding, rigid thinking, anxiety and emotional control whether or not they are diagnosed as “on the spectrum,” NLD, anxious or even ODD. With my experience in neuropsychological evaluations and therapy, I integrate a comprehensive understanding of patients that includes:

  • cognitive processing
  • emotional development and dynamics
  • life stressors
  • co-existing conditions such as ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders and LD

In therapy, she addresses these issues with modular cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), collaborative problem solving, social skills coaching and mindfulness training as well as innovative techniques such as video teaching. Trained extensively in stress reduction techniques, which are effective for all ages, Dr. Eckerd says these are simple scientifically proven techniques that repair the damage of stress to the body and increase stress resilience. Dr. Eckerd also performs extensive neuro-psychological evaluations. Using this knowledge, she often consults with parents, schools, advocates and attorneys to help best meet a child’s needs in school programs or a young adult’s needs in college. Aspergers101 is privileged to pass on the knowledge and experience from Dr. Eckerd by way of her blogs!

You may contact Marcia Eckerd PhD directly:

91 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 and
1261 Post Road Suite 203, Fairfield, CT
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