The main use of ABA for individuals on the autism spectrum is to decrease challenging behaviors and increase appropriate skills. Here are the three steps for utilizing ABA to decrease challenging behaviors and increase appropriate skills: Step 1: Assessment The first step in decreasing problem behavior is to conduct a functional behavior assessment, which determines the function of challenging behavior.Continue Reading

For much of my life, I have had a hard time understanding not only the non-verbal communication of others, but how my own non-verbal communication affected others. Sometimes, if I was irritated at someone, I would simply keep my mouth shut, the rationale being “They can’t hold me accountable for something I didn’t say.” What I failed to realize was thatContinue Reading

It’s easy to worry about whether the plan for your child is the right one. Will this be the right school, therapy, or path? The problem lies in the fact that as your child grows and life changes their needs are going to change as well. You will never truly know whether the choice you made for your child isContinue Reading