Alert Texas Law Enforcement of Drivers Challenged with Communication (autism, hearing Impairment,etc)

Published by Aspergers101 on 27th Dec 2018

Make "Communication Impediment" an option when registering your vehicle with the Texas DMV then placed in The Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) to alert the officer prior to approaching the vehicle .
Aspergers101 is striving to continue improving communication between Texas law enforcement and those with a communication challenge such as autism or deafness.
*In the 85th TExas Legislative Session, HB 1434 was passed unanimously, allowing the Driver lIcense or State ID restriction code "Communication Impediment with a peace Officer" readily known to all Texas citizens through a statewide initiative by Aspergers101 and supported by the Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities.

*Also revised is the training for Texas DPS Trooper Recruits (and statewide participating agencies) toward understanding drivers diagnosed with Autism and/or other communication challenges.

The third part of the Aspergers101 "Driving with Autism" initiative is to alert law enforcement of a person with autism (or other communication impediment) PRIOR to approaching the vehicle. This would be possible by giving the driver the option when registering their vehicle through the Texas DMV. This notification would then be placed in the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) that law enforcement utilizes for vehicle/driver information when pulling someone over. A simple coding would revolutionize how officers relate to a driver!

No other state in the union has addressed the growing population of drivers with a hearing or communication challenge so effectively as would be Texas if this bill passes.
We've garnered the support of the Texas DMV, the Texas DPS and now we need to hear from you to show our Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and our Texas Legislators that by allowing a computer programmer/coder to place "Communication Impediment" as an option in the DMV registration process, thus the TLETS, we have improved communication drastically between law enforcement and the person challenged with communication. They need to hear your voice!

NOTE: Communication Impediment with a Peace Officer includes: Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Deafness, Hearing Impaired, PTSD, Parkinson's Disease, Mild Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, Mutism and more.

We, the undersigned, call upon Texas State Legislators to increase law enforcement's preparedness by approving a bill that would allow a Texas citizen with a communication challenge (autism, asperger, deafness, hearing impairment, PTSD, Parkinson and more) the option to register their vehicle with the Texas DMV, as a person with a Communication Impediment. Once registered, the information would be placed in the TLETS (The Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System) alerting the officer of the diagnosis PRIOR to approaching the vehicle in a pull over scenario.

# First name Last name State Are you in Law Enforcement? Are you, or someone you know, a person with a Communication Challenge?
1 Leonor Abell Texas No Yes
  We need this.
2 Ellen Abshier Texas No No
  No comment
3 stephen adams TX No Yes
4 Cynthia Adams Texas no yes
  This is the only way. Please support and pass
5 Ruby Adams Texas No Yes
  I think it is a wonderful idea. I have a grandson with a disability.
6 Jennifer Adams Texas No Yes
  My soon to driving son is autistic, and this is great tool to have in place, in case he is stopped.
7 Lisa Adcock Texas No Someone I know
  This is something that definitely needs to be done
8 Vicki Adelstein TX No Yes
  Very important that Law Enforcement is aware of communication challenges.
9 Jennifer Aguirre Tx No Yes
  This hopefully will take affect in Texas and then other states can follow suit.
10 Ameen Al-Bahloly Texas No Yes
  Please support this initiative.
11 Kathryn Aleman Texas No Yes
  My newphew has Autism.
12 Martha Alexander Texas No Yes
13 Kim Alexander Dallas No Tes
14 Jennifer Allen TX No Yes - Asperger Syndrome
  Please know that this will change my son's life. He has Asperger Syndrome and his brain is wired differenctly in the frontal lobe oftentimes causing an impairment in understanding neuro-typical conversations. He takes things literally such as "Why were you flying down the highway?" His response would probably be "I was not flying, im driving!" This would not end well with the law officer. It would help tremendously to have the law enforcement officer know of his autism PRIOR To approaching the vehicle.
15 Herb Allen TX No Yes - Asperger Syndrome
  My son has Autism
16 Samuel Allen TX No I have Autism
  I need this to feel protected in a pull over.
17 Charlie Allen TX No My brother has Asperger Syndrome
  This would make a huge difference by the officer knowing prior to approaching the car.
18 Alexa Allison TX N Y
  This would be a big help to my son with autism. He is independent enough that he will probably be able to drive someday, but I’m concerned that he won’t behave in expected ways in interactions with police officers, making it challenging for both parties to feel calm and comfortable.
19 Vanessa Alonso Texas No Yes
  This would help tremendously law enforcement. Everyone needs to be knowledgeable regarding communication disorders.
20 Valerie Alonzo Texas No Yes
21 Nancy Amodei TEXAS No Yes
  I strongly support making Communication Impediment an option when registering with the Texas DVM in order to alert the officer prior to approaching the vehicle. This could improve communication drastically between the peace officer and the driver.
22 Karen Anderson Texas No Yes
  Let’s get this passed!!
23 Vivian Anderson Williamson No No
  This program is good for law enforcement, people with challenges and Texas!
24 Trena Antoine Texas No my son
  Please enforce this. My son has Asperger's and there needs to be a way for him to communicate with law enforcement without fearing being shot!
25 Robert Armbruster tx No Yes
  Please make this happen. It will make the roads safer, for everyone!
26 Cynthia Austin Texas No Yes
  No comme.t
27 Cheryl Bacon TX No No
  This is a reasonable and cost efficient step that will protect both law enforcement officers and those with communication impairment.
28 Carolina Baez Texas no si
  Mi esposo ess vetereno con problema de audicion, TBI y tengo un hijo con autismo de alto funcionamiento. Considero que es una buena herramienta para la seguridad de todos.
29 Moni Baidya Texas No Yes
  This small information is very valuable
30 Jaime Bailey Texas No Yes
  No comment
31 Brandy Baker Hutchinson No Yes
  I this would be a great thing! I’m deaf in one ear and 65% in the other ear. My daughter has anxiety over every little thing. Plus I have several friends that have children with asperger and autism.
  My sons have autism and I worry about if they were involved in something and a policeman didn't understand what was wrong with them..and probably hurt them
33 Vasudhevan Balakrishnan Texas No daughter .
  My daughter is having autism and we experience the same communication barriers with the official.
34 Michelle Barber Texas No Yes
  We support this bill and hope it will get signed by the Governor.
35 Melissa Barker Tx No Yes
  Doing this for my son!
36 Melinda Barr TX. No Our son has Aspburger
  Our son has autism, Aspburger. He doesnt make eye contact. He has twitches when he gets nervous.
37 Evangeline Barron Texas No Yes
  I am a school psychologist who works in a large public high school. We have been working with our students who have high functioning autism to learn how to communicate with law enforcement if they are approached in the community. Our students are very intelligent but struggle with communication and behavioral issues, particularly when stressed or agitated. This bill would a huge step in the right direction, as society needs to become more cognizant of individuals with disabilities that cannot always be seen.
38 Melissa Barron Bezar County No Yes
  Please pass this bill.
39 Teresa Baskervill FL No Yes
  Help to improve communication between law enforcement officers and individuals with challenging behavior. They are trying their best.
40 Robin Bates Texas No Yes
  My husband has Aspergers and I believe this would be wonderful.
41 Stephen Bell Texas No Yes
42 Retta Bellotte Texas No My 16 year old son
  This law would help ease a worried parents mind.
43 Amanda Bernstein Texas, Bexar No Yes
  Mother of children with autism and work with children with autism. The more we can accommodate needs like this petition states, the more likely we are to decrease accidents and misunderstandings.
44 Augustin Betancourt Texas No maybe
  hope it gets passed.
45 Shonda Beverly Tx No Yes my son
  Please do this because I’m terrified for my son with Autism!
46 Beth Bilder Tx No Yes
  This law will protect the rights of citizens with communication difficulties.
47 Christian Bilderback TX No Yes
  Education solves countless problems.
48 Donna Billman Johnson county, texas No Yes
  This is a no brainer. This alert/ notification will assist the driver and officers.
49 Adonya Blair NEW York No Yes
  This is a wonderful petition.
50 Irene Bland Texas no no
  This will help so many and is very beneficial to not only people with autism but other disabilities
51 Catherine Bolton Illinois No Yes
  For it
52 Brittany Bonson Texas No Yes
  This would be helpful for so many.
53 Raeme Bosquez-Greer Texas No Yes
  I’m all in and available to volunteer as well!
54 Michelle Botzau Texas No Yes
55 Paula Bowen TX No yes
  Autism Mom supporting those with Neurological challenges
56 Brian Boylan Texas No Yes
  I know many people with challenges and if they can do the physical part then we need to keep them safe
57 Leigh Ann Bradley Texas No Yea
  Wrote Autism on back of drivers license but told to put it in the computer system at drivers license office. There was no place to put it.
58 Samantha Brantley Texas No Yes
  My son has a hearing impairment.
59 JAMES BRIDGES Texas No. Yes.
  I am an autistic adult who drives, and who has enough trouble answering questions in normal circumstances, let alone when stressed by the assaultive style of questioning used by police (who don't even listen to the answers anyway).
60 Jiam Brinkley Texas No Yes
  I have a family member who has Asperger's
61 Lorrie Brooks Texas No Yes
  My friends son suffers autism
62 Shannon Brown Texas No Yes
  Good idea, because not all with asbergers can communicate well especially if they might feel afraid.
63 Michelle Brown Texas No Yes
  This is a great thing for those with a communication disorder.
64 Elena Brunkenhoefer Tx No Yes
  Please protect our friends and family!
65 Tracy Brunson Texas no yes
  My son is Autistic and he might not react swiftly or answer a question like an officer would want him to act or answer verbal commands.
66 Iris Bryan TX No Yes
  This is very important in our family, as one member does have some communication challenges.
67 Amanda Bryars TX No Yes
  I think this would have been beneficial in the past and can save many lives now....should include diabetics as well
68 Rose Bubenik-Evans Texas No Yes
69 Sarah Bussey Texas No Not me but a friend
  I'm honestly shocked this isn't already a thing
70 Laura Byas Texas No Yes
  19 y/o son drive, but can become verbally when he is afraid or doesn't understand what is happening. This sticker might reduce the chances of a bad scene if he were pulled over.
71 Christine Cabello Texas No No
72 Amy Cabezas tx no yes
  My Niece has High Functioning Autism.
73 Jama Cadle Texas No Yes
  I think this is a fantastic idea!
74 Gayle Cagianut TX No Yes
  Sign me up~
75 Irma Canfield Texas No Yes
  Highly support this due to my son and many with a communication impediment.
76 Tammy Cantrell Texas No Yes
  Please approve
77 Kelli Cantu TX No Yes
  Make communication impediment an option on DL.
78 Dee Dee Carden TX No Yes
  My son is on the autism spectrum, and frequently needs extra time to understand what is said to him. I know he's not the only one!
79 Sharity Carmona Texas No Yes
  Pls pass the word
80 Cindy Carroll Texas No Yes
81 Syria Castillo Tx No Yes
  We, the undersigned, call upon Texas State Legislators to increase law enforcement's preparedness by approving a bill that would allow a Texas citizen with a communication challenge (autism, asperger, deafness, hearing impairment, PTSD, Parkinson and more) the option to register their vehicle with the Texas DMV, as a person with a Communication Impediment. Once registered, the information would be placed in the TLETS (The Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System) alerting the officer of the diagnosis PRIOR to approaching the vehicle in a pull over scenario.
82 Cheryl Castleberry Texas No Yes
  Please support this important change.
83 Melanie Cawthon Texas No Yes
  This is imperative to the safety of citizens with disabilities. Please pass this measure.
84 Sharon Cayou Texas No Yes
  My son is a person who identifies as high functioning Autistic similar to Aspergers.
85 Tania Celia No Yes
  I think it would also be a good option to allow parents who have children on the spectrum to add a notation in as the event a parent is injured or unable to speak, the first responders would be aware.
86 Spencer Chang Texas N Y
  My son is autistic.
87 Gloria Chavez Texas No Yes
  My niece has a speech impairment
88 Lynna Cherry Texas No No
  Please pass
89 Yusuf Chowdhury TX No Yes
  Please approve the bill..
  I don't agree with TLETS.I believe that people with Asperger 101 are able to drive a car.
91 Cheistine Cina New york No Yes
92 Kendra Clark Tx No Yes
  This a huge issue in this day and age. My child has Slow processing Speed. Particularly with verbal communication and when she is Anxious like she would be a traffic stop it could very easily look like non compliance.
93 Cynthia Claxton texas no Yes
  Thank you for making this a priority!
94 Nancy Coffey TX Noyes Yes
  This is so needed
95 Tonya Cooper Texas No Yes
  Please help keep my child safe.
96 Jessica Cooper Tx No Yes
  My niece is deaf and this would be so beneficial to her and others like her.
97 Ross Cooper Texas No Someone I know
  It’s the right thing
98 Danielle Corley Texas No Yes
  Very important first responders learn how to interact w/growing population of people with disabilities
99 Rose Cortez Texas bexar No Yes
  Autism drivers
100 Elaine Cowart Texas No Adult child
  I feel this would be a great help to law enforcement and to those who have disabilities.
101 Brooke Cox Texas No Yes
  Please support this change
102 Julie Coy Texas no yes
  My son has autism and this program will and has served him and others with communication delays immensely.
103 Jill Craft TX No Someone I know
  Great idea. Hope this helps.
104 Virginia Cragle TX No Yes
  People with communication deficit need some way to be recorded so if questioned by legal authority can effectablely communicate with the person in question.
105 Shannon Crawford Texas Yes Yes, my step-son has Aspergers.
  Please pass this on behalf of all who are communication challenged.
106 Courtney Crawford Texas No Yes
107 Lindsey Crumrine Texas No Yes
108 Cynthia Cruz Texas No Yes
  Great idea
109 Maira Cruz Texas No Mother
  They probably get scared or anxious and the sirens,sometimes they can’t think clearly or act normally
110 Christina Cruz Texas (bexar county) No Yes
  Multiple people with autism in our family. Although I’m not personally law enforcement, we are a law enforcement family. I think this is a great idea.
111 Jennifer Cudd AZ No Yes
  Family hearing impaired
112 Alexandra Cuello Texas No No
  No comment
113 Mo Cuevas Texas No Yes
  I feel strongly that this should happen! Let me know how else I can support this initiative.
114 Shelly Curnutt Tx No Yes
115 Robin Dale Texas No Yes
  Pass this bill!
116 Shyann Davidson Texas No Yes
117 Olivia Davila Texas No Yes
  My son has Autism
118 Sandi Davila Texas No Yes
  Please consider thise with disabilities.
119 Sherri Davis Oklahoma No Yes
  It would be very helpful for both driver and Law enforcements
120 Patrick Day Texas Yes Yes
  Would be very beneficial to both sides involved in a traffic stop scenario.
121 Berenice de la Cruz Tx No No
  Communication impairment is necessary to ensure that law enforcement can be alerted to the fact that they are dealing with a person with a communication impairment. This will ensure that an appropriate approach is taken and will protect all people involved.
122 Christopher Dean Texas No No
123 Erika Deane Virginia No Yes
  De need to protect our love ones who suffer from any mental illness
124 Christine Degner Aransas No Yes
  Son and friend's son both with high functioning autism.
125 KATHY DELEON Texas 1950 Yes
  I think this is essential.
126 Maricela DeLeon Texas No Yes
  We need to help our autism society fit in
127 Kristine Delgado Texas No Son, Kristian Delgado
  My son has PDDAutism and ADHD
128 Daniel Delgado texas no my son
  my son has Autism and ADHD
129 Mari Dewberry No Yes
  This would be so helpful for someone on the autism spectrum who when flustered has difficulty with executive functioning skills.
130 Sally Diaz Texas No Yes
  For my soon to be driving son who has autism
131 Sonia Diaz Texas No Yes
  I work with individuals that are mentally challenged and I know what parents are faced with. At times these individuals are sensitive towards certain things and others don’t understand their situation. This is something that would definitely make a difference when being pulled over and know to be perhaps more understanding towards those in the vehicle.
132 Melony Dickey Texas No Yes
  No comments
133 Jennifer Dickson Bowie No My son, yes.
  As long as it's not labeled on the vehicle as a target, I will be for this!
134 D.J. Diepen Texas No Yes
  I teach, so some of my students are diagnosed with Asperger's. Most would be fine without this, but some would not. Info is always better than no info.
135 Sheila Dipprey Texas No Yes
  A lot of people in my Parkinson's disease Community have problems communicating at times. I know people that have communication problems that this would be invaluable for.
136 Brandi Dixon Tx No Yes
  I have friends and family with disabilities that would benefit from this.
137 Randy Diyle Texas No I am an Asst Chief at MCESD#4 in Montgomery County.
  As a public servant I have also encountered citizens with autism and hearing impaired. I think this bill should be supported by all lawmakers! Thank you.
138 Amanda Dollison Texas Yes Yes
  My son has Asperger's Syndrome.
139 Franchesca Duarte Texas No No
  No comment
140 Daniel Durany TX No Yes
  We need to protect the people with autism.
141 Samantha Dyal Texas No Yes
  This only makes sense.
142 Priscilla Eddy Texad No Yes
  Please approve.
143 Margaret Eighan PA No No
  I’m concerned as a nurse/attorney about the challenges that law enforcement can have dealing with people on the autism spectrum.
144 Norris Elam TX No No
  Would love to see this pass
145 Elizabeth Ellerbe Bell No Yes
  I have Parkinism
146 Sonia Ellis Texas No Yes
  I have a speech disability due to torretts and my son has aspergers and lacks social skills. He is an introvert. Having known this before would make my experience so much more pleasant. I have been pulled over before and the officer always thinks i am nervous or hiding someone. I just cant speak normally. Not nervous but the way i speak leads them to believe i am nervous for a reason. This would definitely help make for a less stressful situation.
147 tim engberts leusden increase law enforcement's yes
  Angel Care
148 Holly England Texas No My nephew has Asperger Syndrome
  Would love to see this legislation pass!
149 Angela England Texas No Yes
  This is great!
150 Janet Enriquez Texas No Yes
  Full support!
151 Leslie Estrada Texas No Yes
  Our officer's of the law need to be better equipped to handle people with autism
152 Diana Everett TX No No
  No comment.
153 Korrie Everett Texas No Yes
  My whole family has autism, myself included. I'm also a teacher for kids with autism.
154 Elizabeth Fauss Texas No Someone I know
  I pray this passes
155 Melissa Field Texas No Yes
  Very important to protect drivers and law enforcement from mis-communication.
156 Tanya Fishet Texas No Yes
  I love the idea of law enforcement knowing before they approach the driver and be able to prepare themself on how to handle the situation.
157 Jennifer Fitzhugh Texas No Yes
  No comment
158 Jose Flores TX no yes
159 Martha Flores Texas No Yes
160 Deborah Frankhouser Texas No Yes
  I have a son with autism who has difficulty speaking or answering questions under duress.
161 Christa French Texas No No
  Great idea that would help both drivers and law enforcement.
162 Nicole Friend Texas No No
  No comment
163 Ashley Fuentez Texas No Yes
  Languages can be barriers too.
164 J G Texas No Yes
  I think this is a great idea
165 Adrienne Gaither Texas No Yes
  I work with children with autism.
166 Karen Gallagher Texas No No
  Asperger’s 101 law
167 Juan Gamez Texas No Yes
  This would help cut down on number of incidents and deaths of mentally disabled people at the hands of law enforcement.
168 Tania Gandy TX No Yes
  Good idea
169 Amy Garcia Texas No Yes
170 Jessica Garcia Tx No Yes
171 Lisa Garcia Texas No Yes
  My nephew is non verbal, but others in the spectrum are and will be drivers but high sensory issues that could cause them harm in the event that an unknowing officer reads their actions wrong.
172 Elisa Garcia Texas No Yes
  My son has autism he’s not that good on his verbal communication .
173 aida garcia TX no yes
  i am agree
174 Roxanne Garibay Texas No Someone I know
  God Bless All Drivers with disabilities.
175 Dianna Garland Texas No Yes
  Why do we not already have something like this in place?
176 Yvette Garza Tx No Yes
  Increased communication benefits all parties involved.
177 Dianna Garza Texas No Yes
  I wish to support this petition
178 Anna Garza Texas No Yes
  My child is deaf. I think this is a very important issue and should be required.
179 Arthur Garza TX No No
  My daughter is deaf. This hits close to home.
180 Amelia Garza-Lester Texas no yes
  Thank you
181 Laurie Geada Tx No Yes
  This is important for our young adults with ASD who do not behave in expected ways, especially in times of stress.
182 Karen Gernentz Texas, Victoria No Yes
  More information would be great for both sides. Knowledge is key to avoid incidents and know how to approach the situation accordingly.
183 Kelli Gibbons Texas no Yes
  My adult brother with Asperger's was pulled over by police while driving and arrested for DUI. He had been at a restaurant close to home and swerved a bit getting into the left turn lane. They arrested him for DUI without taking a test for it, he was placed in probation and had to pay tons of fees. If he could have been identified as having a diagnosis that shows he has difficulty communicating, especially when under stressful situations, it would have greatly helped him be able to explain and ask for help. I love this petition!
184 phoebe gibson Lancashire no I am
  as a person with Aspergers I agree that this should be put in place, safer
185 David Gill Texas No Yes
  Every state, including Texas, needs to be woken up about the challenges of Autism/Asperger's/PDD-NOS.
186 Sarah Gilson Texas No Yes
  Wonderful cause, it’s needed.
187 Valerie Gipp Texas No Yes
  I have a family member with special needs and feel this would be beneficial for her, among others.
188 Selma Gloria TX NO YES
  I have an uncle who is someone who is a little challenged when it comes to communication, but has a TXDL.
189 Magdalena Gomez Texas No Yes
  My 7 year old has autism and is non verbal, has sensory processing disorder, and doesn't follow commands.
190 Irene Gonzalez Texas No Yes
  This would be very helpful.
191 Heather Goodall Ellis No Yes
  I have several relatives with these issues. This would help protect them in case of being stopped.
192 Audrey Gover Texas No Yes
  Put into Law
193 Theresa Graham Texas No Yes
  My son had oppositional defiance as well as a seizure disorder. He has been punched and bruised by a police officer.
194 John Graham Texas No No
195 Susanne Green No Yes
  "Communication Impediment" on license and id. Brilliant idea.
196 Mark Greer Tx No Yes
197 Janice Greer DeHaven USA No Yes
  I am an educator for students with disabilities. This designation has an impact on so many who are high functioning and seeking independence, yet struggle with social/communication under stress.
198 Lisa Gregory TX No Yes
  This is a good thing
199 Suzanne Guedea Texas, Bexar County No Yes
  Two of my grandchildren are hearing impaired and one niece. I have 3 family members who have Autism and friends who have family members who are Autistic.
200 Mari Guerra TX No Yes
  I myself have PTSD. If I would be going through one of my episodes it would be nice for them to know how to approach me or get me the help I need.
201 Stephanie Guerrero Texas No Yes
  This would be good for my teenager daughter who is hearing impairment
202 James Gulley Texas No Yes
  I endorse this suggestion, a warning to police officers of a communication challenge will make it safer for both communication challenged drivers as well as police officers!
203 Alicia Gunter Texas No Yes
  DAV with PTSD. Also have an autistic non verbal 5 Year old child.
204 Katie Guthrie TX No Yes
  My son is high functioning autistic and wouldn’t respond typically if getting pulled over. Would hate to see a tragedy happen should an officer misinterpret things.
205 Marie Guthrie Texas No No
  Good luck with the petition
206 Brooke Hall Texas No Yes
  Such an important issue!
207 Angela Hall Texas No Yes
  I have three sons on the spectrum and worry about them in situations like this.
208 Ellanora Hamill Texas No Yes
  Good idea
209 Michael Hammerman TX No Yes
  This is very important.
210 Carrie Hanson Texas No My son is Autistic but trying to live a normal happy life.
  I have a son with Autism and it would help a lot if officers knew that when or if he gets pulled over...
211 Magen Harger Texas Bexar No Yes
  The more informed an officer is about potential communication is us a person has the better the outcome for all parties involved.
212 Carol Hargett Tx No Yes
  2 kids with auto-aim adhd spd and some hearing loss and central auditory processing disorder. You can’t tell any of these by looking at them.
213 Mary Harkness Texas No Yes
  My son has Aspergers. He is 23 years old and works but at this time he does not drive.
214 Maite Harris Tx No Yes
  Imperative for their safety!
215 Cecilia Harris Texas No Yes
  I feel that this would help both citizens and law enforcement.
216 Monica Harris Texas No Yes
  Drivers with Autism, need a special way of handling them when approached. Training for police officers in being more sensitive to their needs and understanding what they need.
217 Patricia Harris Texas No Yes
  Please pass this
218 Margaret Harrison San Antonio No Yes
  I am a pediatric nurse. And a parent of two children who have communication issues.
219 Mary Harvey Texas no yes
  My Grandson drives and he is diagnosed with Aspergers. This is needed.
220 Margaret Hatcher Texas No Yes
  I believe in this!
221 Cathy Hazzard Texas No Yes
  Signing for 4 colleagues who have children with autism.
222 Sharon Heavin Hunt No Yes
  This is the best thing that could happen to both parties.
223 Aaron Heitman Texas No No
  Seems like a needed accommodation
224 Kara Henderson Texas No No
  I think it's a great idea for law enforcement to know health conditions of people they may come across. It would help with different ways to communicate with that individual
225 Sherry Henderson Texas No Yes
  This would be so helpful to all parties involved!
226 Krystel Henderson Texas No Yes
  Safety for everyone
227 Austin Heps No Yes
228 Karina Hernandez Texas No Yes
  I Have 2 kids on the spectrum. One verbal and one nonverbal
229 Juan Hernandez Texas No Yes
  2 children with Autism, one is a nonverbal teenager
230 Sharlene Hernandez Texas No Yes
  Please help the special needs community by making law enforcement more aware and passing this. Thank you
231 Ludivina C Hernandez Texas No Yes
  I hope this law pass, because I have a teen that he will be 17 and I will send him to driving classes, but he's to afraid if police stop him because he knew that police officer can think he's will be under the influence of something if he's to afraid to answer fast.
232 Rosa Herrera Ca No Yes
  I agree totally to have this done for the safety of the officer and the driver as to avoid any confusion. They should also have equal rights
233 J.C. Heygood Texas No Yes. I'm the mom of 2 boys with autism
  Please help keep my children safe & officers to realize their quirks are just that & nothing to fear.
234 Kelly Higgs Texas No Yes
  I serve multiple patients with communication challenges
235 Stacie Hill Texas No No
  I feel like this is a fabulous idea, and anything that law enforcement can be proactive on would be a benefit not only for them but for who they protect as well.
236 Elizabeth Hill Texas No Yes
  Unless you know someone with a specific disability, it’s hard to understand them and how they think.
237 Lisa Hill Texas No Someone I know does
  Signed for my daughter. She is not driving yet but if we are in an accident and I can not answer questions they will know she had Aspergers and Anixety and will better know how to talk to her. Also oneday I hope she will start driving.
238 Farheen Himani Texas No No
239 Jess Hinojosa Texas No Yes
  Only good can come from this , why not? People on the spectrum deserve to be understood.
240 Tony Hix Wisconsin No Yes
  I have nothing additional to add.
241 Kathleen Holleran TX No Yes, people I know.
  Please take this into consideration. Our state tries to be proactive about inclusivity and understanding it's citizens, and I think this program would be beneficial.
242 Dora Hoover Texas No Yes
  Please allow
243 Charice Hoptowit no yes
244 Sonja Howard Texas No Yes
245 Vivian Hudson No Yes
  I have a friend with an autistic son who will be driving in a few years.
246 James Hudson TX No Yes
  Please implement
247 Tasha Hudson Texas No Yes
248 Regina Hurst Hurst Texas No Yes
  My daughter is on the autism spectrum
249 Katie Hutto Matagorda No Yes
  As a person that is hard of hearing, this law would reduce my fears if ever pulled over
250 Robert Hutto Texas No Yes
  Hearing impaired
251 Pamela Hymer TX No Yes
252 Lisa Ibarra Tx No No
  This is important.
253 Miriam Inglehart Texas No Yes
  Please pass this. It is so important that our officers have the tools they need to properly identify those drivers who will not be able to communicate with them as others due and assume the driver is on drugs.
254 Stephen Inglehart TX No Yes
  No comment.
255 NICETA IRERI Nairobi Yes Yes, a mother of an child with Autism
  All person should be given an opportunity to achieve their full potential regardless.
256 Carol Isbell Texas no yes
  Very important to keep communication open between all involved
257 Adela Jaramillo Del Rio, Texas No Yes
  My nephew
258 Elizabeth Jarzombek Texas No Yes
  I have a daughter with Asperger's
259 Jessie Jimenez Texas No No
  My younger brother has autism and is going to start learning how to drive soon. He is high functioning and has already went through therapy at an early age when we found out, and if you were to see him you couldn’t tell that he has autism. Even though he has gotten the therapy to help him sometimes he does have outbursts but they are very rare and with everything going on right now in the world you just don’t know anymore. As his big sister I always worry for him since he is the only sibling I have and just knowing that this can be implemented hopefully in the future, would give me and my parents piece of mind that something crazy doesn’t happen to him if he does get pulled over or something happens. Thank you.
260 Raymond David Jirasek Texas, Bell County No Yes, Hard of hearing
  I have Miniere's Disease that is destroying my hearing in right ear, HH in left ear. I wear hearing aids. Word understanding limited, especially in noisy invironments.
261 Yvonne Johnson Texas no yes
262 Mara Jones TX No Yes
263 Kayla Jones Texas No Yes
  This would prevent any unnecessary confrontations. The officers also need to receive additional training on various disabilities especially ths spectrum. Please strongly consider passing this bill.
264 Sandra Jordan USA No Yes
  I support this
265 Carol Junco Texas no yes
  People with communication disabilities deserve protection, and law enforcement officers deserve to know how to approach and deal with people with special needs.
266 John Kaiser Dallas no absolutely, I work in special education
  By enacting this law, police officers will immediately know that the person has a communication disorder and hopefully, the Law Enforcement person will have been trained as to what to expect and how to handle the person.
267 Sherri Kaiser Texas No My nephew has Asperger Syndrome
  We need this!!
268 Tammi Kampman Georgia No Yes
  My granddaughter is an awesome young lady and Autistic.
269 Wanita Kaupert Texas No Yes
  This protects both the driver and law enforcement and gives the police officer vital information needed to have a successful interaction.
270 Ellen Kautz Texas No Yes
  This is SO important for both citizens and law enforcement.
271 Rhiannon Keammerer Texas no yes
  My son has ADHD with an intermittent explosive mood disorder.
272 Hope Kelley Texas No No
  This should be done asap. People who struggle with this shouldn't be put through even more pain.
273 Sherry Kinney Florida No My son is
  This also needs to be a law in Florida.
274 James Kinney Texas, Bexar County No Yes
  This is a great idea!!!
275 Pam Kleiser TX No Yes
  My son is 19and afraid to get his license. He is ADHD and probably on the spectrum. I think he would feel more comfortable knowing that he has the support from DPS and other law enforcement agencies
276 Jaquill Knox Tx No Yes
  My son has Asperger's and ADHD.
277 Melinda Knysz Texas No Yes
  My ASD son will likely not ever be a driver but I support those who are higher functioning and for whom this law would help
278 Jeanie Kocher Texas No Yes my son
  My son is a 6’’6” giant with autism and does not like looking at people so it appears as if he is being suspicious so I would LOVE for this to take affect being he drives. Although as a proud momma he has only ever been pulled over once and our sherif here knew about him.
279 Ostendorff Köller South Australia No Yes I know someone with a communication challenge
  Brilliant idea, great job to whoever is pushing this petition
280 Rita Kosnik TX no yes
  Strongly support
281 Becca Kraft Tx No Yes
  My son has Aspergers and I strongly agree with this initiative.
282 Kristina Krawczynski Texas No No
  No comment
283 Catherine Kremer Texas No Yes
  This just makes sense.
284 Peggy Krieger Texas No Yes
  I know several people with communication impediment but only one of those have a license to drive.
285 Troy Krueger Tx No Yes
  Mo comment
286 Sandra Kuhn Tx No Yes
287 Christine Kunclrs Texas No Yes
  We need this to help protect disabled & special needs individuals form harm due to misunderstandings or uneducated guesses
288 Monica Kuretza Texas No Yes
  My son has communication challenges, this would be a great idea to make things a lot smoother for both parties.
289 Misty L Texas No Yes
  My child has autism. He doesn't understand the nuance of language and social cues. I worry for his safety. Others have a difficult understanding him and what may sound like a lie to them is just a failure to properly communicate on my son's part.
290 Heather Laetsch Texas My husband My son
  Something like this would mean a lot to me because I deal with the situation and worry about it from both sides. I feel like it would be an extra layer of protection for both my husband and my son. I am so appreciative of being able to have the communication disorder on my son's license.
291 Rhonda LaFon Texas No Yes
  Grandson has Autism
292 Wendy Lambert TX No Yes
  This would be great to have
293 Ava Landa TX no Yes
  Please help those with communication challenges.
294 Robin Langfeld Texas No Yes
  Communication Impediment
295 Karen Langfeld Tx No Yes
  For my sister, nephew, and cousins!
296 Jami Lasater No Yes
  I’m a teacher and have worked with kids on the spectrum and this would be amazing for the future. My husbands a fireman and I could see how this could help him continue to help others. Is there such things as to much info
297 Patricia LaValley-Good Kentucky No Yes
  I am deaf and will be moving to Texas .
298 Erica Leadford TX Yes Yes
  As both a police cadet, a Naturopathic Doctor and a mother of an Autistic teenager I feel that the more information and training law enforcement have during initial contact the lower the chances are for errors and accidents to occur between the two parties.
299 Amanda Ledezma Texas No Yes
300 Diane Leggett Texas No Yes
  My son has autism and I am hearing impaired. I am signing this in the hopes that such an alert system would be developed for better communication ication and understanding. Thank you.
301 Sandra Leigh Texas No No
  Happy New Year!
302 Gabriela Lemos TX No Yes
  Make "Communication Impediment" an option when registering your vehicle with the Texas DMV then placed in The Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) to alert the officer prior to approaching the vehicle .
303 isabella lemos texas no yes
  unfair and uninformed treatment towards this minority group is rampant and needs to be addressed
304 Kelly Lepeska TX No Yes
  I know many who would benefit from this law.
305 Nora Leza Texas No Yes
  Parent with 2 children with autism.
306 Kathryn Lindsay TX No No
  As.a Registered Nurse, I support this effort.
307 Michelle Linscomb Tx No Yes
  I’m for this action
308 Londa Little Tx No Yes
  I feel this would be something that is beneficial to both police officers, and drivers! It is for everyone's safety, with little effort.
309 Laurie Lloyd Texas No Yes
  My 16 year old daughter has Aspergers AKA High Functionng Autism. Her drivers license has the communication impediment notation and it would be helpful for this info to be shared as much as possible.
310 Carol Locke Bexar No Yes
  We need to treat people with Aspergers with compasion and respect.
311 Celeste Lopez Texas No Yes
312 Jeremy Lopez Texas No Yes
  Lets keep learning to do better for people in need. Help officers be informed to make better decisions.
313 Eduardo Lopez Texas, brooks No Yes
  Maybe something for all first responders
314 Debbie Louden Texas No Yes
  My son has autism and drives. He got pulled over once for expired tag as he has just moved. It was in the early morning and because my son when told to step away from the car, then asking how far, he was told sit on the ground and backup was called. Luckily it ended okay. But we need alert signs and training.
315 Lisa Lowe tx 1962 yes
  Please make this possible.
316 Joan Luna Tx No Yes
  Autistic son
317 Jane Lynch TX no yes
  My son has Aspergers, this is an amazing chance to make a difference in the lives of our young adults with communication disabilities!
318 Jennifer Macias Texas No I have 2 sons on the spectrum.
  Good luck!
319 LaDonna Mack TX No Yes
  Thank you!
320 Bridget Magallanez Texas No Yes
  My granddaughter has Asperger's.
321 Paula Maire Texas No Yes
  My daughter is deaf
322 Heather Malcolm Tx No Yes
  This is a must
323 Alexa Marc-Charles TX no yes
  This should already be an alert that is in action, and this alert won't do anything but improve, help, and protect people with communication impediments.
324 Adriana Mark Texas No Yes
  I have a deaf son so I’m very interested that this gets accomplished
325 Sylvia Marks Texas No Yes
  Hearing impaired
326 Deborah Martinez Texas no yes
  My son is 20 with HFA and has his permit. So important he has some protection from being misunderstood by his behavior.
327 Patricio Martinez Texas No Yes
  A family member is hearing impaired
328 Becky Maxwell Tx No Yes
  Make communication impediment an option when registering vehicle to alert officers
329 Tracy Maxwell Texas No Yes
  Thank you
330 Lucy Maxwell Texas No Yes
331 Valinda McAlister USA No No
  Good move.
332 Malissa McArthur Texas No Yes
333 John McAuley Texas No Yes
334 Laura McAuley TX no yes
  My adult son has autism
335 Janet McCallum Tx No No
336 Holly McCauley Texas No Yes
  This is an important thing that need to be put in place to make a traffic stop go smooth for both the police and the person being stopped.
337 Cynthia McClure Texas No Yes
  This is so important to assist law enforcement and potentially avoid someone getting hurt or unfortunately death.
338 Kimberly McDowall Texas No No
  Law enforcement could handle some situations differently if they knew this information. I am sure LEO's would find this information useful and allow them to interact with the public accordingly. This information has the potential to save lives.
339 Romina McFarland Texas No My son
  My son is autistic and is going to turn 16 years old. He does have a speech impediment and does not give eye contact.
340 Daniel McIver Texas No Someone I know
  A close friend has a child with autism.
341 Julie McKinley Texas No Yes
  Would be helpful
342 Debbie McLean Texas No My son
  My son has Asperger’s Syndrome
343 Kelsee McMillon Texas No Yes
  My husband is a law enforcement officer and I am a teacher to students with autism and sensory issues so this is very special to me
344 Erina McPeak Tx No Yes
  My Aunt is hearing impaired
345 Tisha McPhail TX No Yes
  No comments at this time
346 Maricela Mendenhall Texas No No
347 Dawn Merchant Vt I no Yes
348 Lilia Meyer TX No Yes
349 Julia Miller TX Julia Miller Designs No
350 Claire Miller Texas no yes
  Send car decal.
351 Eldon Mills Texas No Yes
  I worry for me
352 Margo Mingo NC No Yes
  I have 2 autistic children who might drive one day. This is a fanastic idea.
353 Karyn Miracle Texas no yes
  So grateful for the changes in Texas State Legislature
354 Kenny Mitchell Texas No Yes
  Worthwhile initiative
355 Leila Moharram Texas No Yes
  This is a good thing to help those who need it
356 Von Monroe TX No Yes
  As a parent of a teen on the spectrum, I worry about my son and friends' teens interactions with police during a traffic stop. It is important that officers have prior training in dealing with people who have a communication disorder. A code notifying an officer prior to arapproaching a vehicle that a driver has a communication disability would be an easy solution.
357 Cella Monroe Texas No Yes
  This is a dream come true..idea
358 Paula Monroe Texas No No
  Let's approve this bill to make a difference in the communication impediment community.
359 Michael Montesano Texas No Yes
360 Claudia Montesano Bexar No Yes
  My son has the communication impairment added to his state Id; having the vehicle is an added bonus for him and law enforcement.
361 Lori Morales Alabama No Yes
  Vote Yes!
362 Natalie Moreland TX No Yes
  My son has moderate autism, and I hope he will one day be able to drive. I want that Independence for hi , but it also scares me. If I am not there to help people understand him.
363 Tammy Morrow TX No Yes
  Communication is their deficit and it doesn't have anything to do with their driving skills so please create this alert system for our law enforcement.
364 Amy Morton Texas no Yes
  This is extremely important for those with communication challenges!
365 Amy Mulholland Texas No Yes
  Important safety legislation!
366 Jazmin Munoz Texas No Yes
  My daughter has autism and will hope when she is ready to drive law enforcement will know. My husband is an officer and he recognized some signs with some one with autism but because he live with one. But his coworker might not and interpret their odd behavior differently.
367 Sandra Murph y Texas No No
  Being stopped for trafic violation.
368 Christina Murphey texas No Yes
369 Jen Mushrush Tx bandera No Yes
  I cant hear very well out of of my right ear and I use to know people who had some of the ones yall mentioned
370 Glenda Musser Texas No Yes
  Friends son with asbergers
371 Karen Naylor TX Yes Yes
  I have an elderly parent with a hearing impairment and also with Lewy Body Dementia.
372 David Nayman Ny No Yes
  Common sense non violence
373 Nicole Negrete Texas No No
  This needs to happen!
374 Laura Neitzel TX No, but I work for a law enforcement news website, Yes
  Keep up the good work!
375 Rachael Netz Texas No Yes
  No comment
376 Andrew Netz TX No Yes.
  Would like to see this implemented
377 Lisa Newbold TX No Yes
  Several friends have children with Autism who are unable to communicate with law enforcement creating difficult in time of need and stress.
378 Sharon Newman Texas No No
  I hope it passes.
379 Mary Nguyen TX NO Yes
  This is definite a need!
380 Beth Nichols TX No Yes
381 Dusty Nichols Texas No No
  I think it would help a lot. The officer will have better knowledge on how to approach the person in turn makin
382 Lisa Nuncio Texas No Yes
  My son has autism and I have PTSD
  I work with persons with on the Autism Spectrum and support this option. It has the potential of avoiding miscommunication and saving lives.
384 Mary Ompad McLennan No Yes
  This is needed
385 Amanda ONeil Texas No Yes
  This could be a life saving addition to our communities. As a parent of a driving child who has communication conditions, this would ease some of my constant fears and allow her to also feel safer when trying to gain some small independence.
386 MARCY ORTIZ Texas No Yes
  I have a son with autism, and I think this would be a vital notification for law enforcement personal and maybe also like paramedics if there is a car accident.
387 Armando Ortiz Jr Texas Yes My daughter
  A worthy cause
388 Ama Osei Bonsu USA No Yes
389 Melissa Ousley Texas No No
390 Jill O’Bryant TX No No
  Happy to support this!
391 tracy parks Texas no yes
  Please communication impediment and option when registering vehicles in Texas..
392 Lynnae Paules TX No No
  I am surprised that this isn't already in effect. Better late than never
393 Alma Payne Texas No No
  We should be striving for a system that moves forward in every effort to better Protect and serve all of our citizens.
394 Daisy Paz Texas No Yes
  This is necessary for many people with disabilities.
395 Candace Pearson TX No Yes
  My son would benefit from this.
396 Robin Pebsworth Texas No Yes, my grandson is Autisic
  Pass law
397 Claudia Pena Texas No No
  Understanding people with disabilities can function as well or better as most.
398 Ashley Pena TX No Yes.
  My son with Aspergers is close to driving age. I want him to have extra protection.
399 Amy Perez Texas, Comal No No
  We must evolve to our modern world and put steps into place to protect people with communication challenges!
400 Susy Perez Texas no yes
  This is awesome we need it for our kids with communication challenges
401 Candace Perez Texas No Yes
  This could save lives.
402 Brett Perkins TX No Yes
403 Carole Perkins Texas No Yes
  Grandson has autism and is hearing impaired
404 Stacy Perkins Texas No Yes, My son
  Please and thank you
405 Claire Peters Texas No Yes, my son is autistic
  My son is autistic
406 Adrianne Pfiester TX No Yes
407 Teresa Piccino Texas No No
  It is essential for the safety of a driver with autism.
408 Lorena Pierce Texas No Yes
  Important to pass this
409 Margaret PIERSON TX. No Yes
  Please Law Enforcement needs to know this information. It will make a real difference understanding why the person they are dealing with might not be giving the proper responses. They may not understand or may be afraid.
410 Risa Pinto Texas No Yes
  I want this to pass
411 Pam Pirozzo Texas No Yes
  I ask that this bill be signed into law; it is so important. Thank you!
412 Hallie Pirozzo Texas No Yes
  I ask that this bill be passed into law; it is so important. Thank you!
413 Heather Pirozzo Texas No Yes
  This is so important and I ask that this bill be passed!
414 Elyssa Plata State No Yes
415 Brittany Platz Texas No Yes
  My son is 14 and on the Autism Spectrum
416 Sherri Pollock Texad No Yes
  Wonderful idea
417 Lamarque Polvado Bastrop County no yes
  This measure is one of many that the state of Texas needs to implement to keep officers of the law and citizens who have kids, teens, and adults with Autism safe.
418 Lizbeth Porras Texas Criminal Justice Law Enforcement degree Yes my brother is deaf/mute
  I think this is an amazing idea as I am a parent of two children who are Autistic.
419 Erica Presas Texas No Yes
  My son has aspergers
420 Bobbi Prince Texas No Yes
  My son has had epilepsy for 17 years so I know the difficulty he has communicating at times. This will help save lives and keep officers safer.
421 Janet Pritchard no no
  no commnt
422 Niki Prysock Texas No Yes
  This is appropriate for many people with mental illness, from schizophrenia to anxiety. Excellent idea whose time has come. Protect them and police with this concept!
423 Cesar Puente Texas No Yes
  Do it
424 Amanda Pullin Texas No Yes
  Please consider changing the way things are done. I have a 22 year old autistic nephew who would benefit from this
425 Jeff Putnam TX No Yes
  My son just got his license with the communication impediment option.
426 Patrick Quinn TX No Yes
  Get this passed!
427 Leticia Quintanilla Texas No Yes
  My son is non-verbal
428 Marisol Ramirez Texas No Yes
  My Godson
429 Amanda Ramos Texas No Yes
  I’m for it!
430 Regina Rash TX No Yes
  We come from a law enforcement family and are constituents.
431 ricardo recio tx No Yes
  Reflecting on my pre-diagnosis interactions with law enforcement. I strongly believe that a lot of the interactions I have had in the past that were met with aggression, anger, and impatience could have been prevented by this proactive approach being considered. Once I was pulled over via felony stop, (at gun point) for my vehicle matching the description of a car thief. I honestly felt I would die that day as I had an anxiety attack and did not know what was happening. Thank goodness I was in my work uniform and the officer was able to see I wasn't the suspect as he was approaching the window. Now, with any law enforcement interaction I yell out that i'm autistic as a type of preventive measure which isn't always beneficial as a first impression with law enforcement. Communication is the first step in building a strong relationship with our local law enforcement and not being able to communicate effectively can be the first step into a horrible, needless misunderstanding. Thank you.
432 Bobby Reeves Texas No Yes
  Great idea!
433 Melissa Reichert TX No Yes
  Please include all of the ASD Spectrum.
434 Krc Rendon Tx No Yes
435 Victoria Resendez TX No Yes
  I agree
436 Alan Rich Kendall No No
  Would like to see this pass
437 Dolores Rios Texas No Yes
  I know many people who are affected by a communication impediment, many who are on the autism spectrum, and some who are deaf, or partially deaf. This is an important issue for them, especially in an age when officers often respond with full force, if someone does not respond correctly, or quickly enough.
438 Jolene Rios Texas No Yes
  I have a child with Autism and want something in place to make law enforcement aware of his disability. Things could get out of hand without knowing his disability before hand. It can be prevented if this becomes a law.
439 Ashley Risner Texas No Yes
  This would be a great thing for both drivers and law inforcement
440 Jose RIVERA Texas Yes Yes
  This would be of great help to LEOs
441 Anna Robertson North Carolina No Yes
  My son is hearing impairments and have aspergers
442 Heather Rodriguez Texas No Yes
  This is very important to people like me woth communication issues
443 Jessica Rodriguez no yes
  lets get this going into practice!
444 Norma Rodríguez Texas No Yes
  My son is on the Autism Spectrum with ADHD
  I support this!
446 Bianca Rodriguez Texas No Yes
  Nothing but good can come from this
447 Lisa Rogers Texas No No
  I support this petition
448 Victoria Romero Tx No Yes
  Thank u!
449 Kim Rosd Texas No No
  Please pass
450 Casey Ross Texas No Yes
  Please approve.
451 Crystal Ross Texas No Yes
  Please protect our communication challenged citizens.
452 Susan Roth South Carolina no yes
  Law enforcement needs to be aware of these impairments so that they do not mistake slow responses for resistance to their authority. I have a cousin's daughter in Texas with hearing disability.
453 Cavazos Ruben Texas No Yes
454 Susan Rubinstein Pennsylvania No Yes
  No comment
455 Rosemarie Ruiz Texas No Yes
  We need a system in place
456 Jeremy Rush TX No Bryton Matthew Rush
  My son has Autism, he is 6 years old. This would help him to be able to communicate so that something doesn’t happen to him if he is ever stopped by law enforcement.
457 Alan Russell Texas No Yes
  My son has Asperger's. I'm a retired Fire Fighter/Paramedic now instructor and understand the need for training not only for Law Enforcement, but responders across the board.
458 Sylvia Saenz Texas No Yes
  People close to me have children with autism.
459 Johnny Saiz TX No No
460 Wendy Sanchez Texas No. Husband is Yes. Our son is autistic
  This is a great idea to help leo communicate with the disabled in a more appropriate way.
461 Melissa Sanderford Texas No Yes
  This informtion needs to be guarded so no one can hack the system. For some, the hacked information could have dire effects. Also, every law enforcement officer needs to be trained in how to effectively handle a situation in which a person with deficits should be handled. I soon will have a cousin driving that has Autism and would not want to see him pulled over and hurt or killed over something that could have been prevented if the officer had/was trained. Please, the officers to need to understand each diagnosis that they see and what possible events could happen.
462 Annette Sankowski TX no yes
  Come on Texas, pass this bill!!
463 Cynthia Santos Texas No Yes
  It’s important if they have communications disabilities besides a lot of other things.
464 Selina Santos Texas No Yes
  This would help protect civilians and law enforcement alike! Please sign!
465 Silvia Sauceda Bexar No Yes
466 Destiny Schee Texas No Yes
  I have an autistc son
468 Rosemary Schramek Texas No Yes
  No not in Law Forcement. Yes I know several people with communication challenges.
470 Veronica Segundo Texas No My son is on the autism Spectrum.
  No comment at this time.
471 Teresa Sequichie Texas No Yes
  Too many citizens are being abused or murdered by the police! I will try ANYTHING to get those numbers down!
472 Erin Shaw TX No Yes
  Of course an officer should know about these difficulties before approaching the vehicle!!!! I’d think it would be very safe & helpful for both the cop & the citizen.
473 Roberto Sierra TX Yes Someone I know
474 Laura Simeon No Yes
  Signing petition for my son with Autism
475 Mandy Singer PA No Yes
  Information helps
476 Tunisia Singleton No Yes
  Please make "communication impediment" an option when registering a vehicle w/the Texas DMV!
477 Tori Skidmore Texas No Yes
  Please make this happen!!!!!
478 Conner Smith TX No Yes
479 Carla Smith Texas no yes
  People with diabetics should be added to this lists too especially
480 Heather Smith Tx No Yes
  My niece and nephew are both on the spectrum
481 Denise Smith TX No Yea
  Both my sons have this notification since they got their Texas ID’s but I was shocked at a Town Hall Meeting once when both the police dept and sheriffs dept were not aware of it until shown.
482 Karen Smith Tx No Yes
  Great initiative
483 Jan Smith Texas No Yes
  I believe this is extremely important to those that are in of help!!!!
484 Ellen Smith Texas No Yes
  I have a grandson who is three years old and nonverbal. He also has a mild case of celebral palsy.
485 Tammy Smith TX No No
  Sounds like a worthy cause. Officers need this!
486 Trudy Songco Texas No Yes
  This is needed!
487 Michelle Soriano Texas No No
488 Annette Sorrells Tx No No
  Help those that have communication difficulties
489 MICHELLE SPANIEL Texas No My child
  AUTISM does have communication challenges especially when anxiety goes up, and unusual unexpected interactions. Letting them calm and slowly feel comfort in communicating can help ar times.
490 Kimberly Spenrath Texas no yes
  Please sign the bill so that law enforcement can have better lines of communication with people who have differences.
491 Andrea Stansbury Tx No Yes
  I have a son on the autism spectrum.
492 Allison Staves Texas No Yes
  I'm a speech therapy assistant and this would make a huge impact for people who are misunderstood. Many kids would be more likely to register for a state ID if this information is there it would be a huge help in situations of being lost, tantrums, etc for all parties.
493 Alice Stearns Texas No Yes
  This needs to be passed.
494 brady steele texas no yes
  Go Aunt Jennifer!!
495 Kerry Stemen Texas No No
  Great petition!
496 Sarah Stewart TX No Yes
497 Melissa Stewart Texas No Yes
  Thank you!
498 Renee Stidham Tx No Someone I know
  Yes!!!! Please make this happen. We need this!
499 Jimmie Straughan Texas No Yes
  This is an excellent idea
500 Rose Sturdivant Texas No Yes
501 Guadalupe Suarez Texas No Yes
502 Jessica Sueppel Texas No Yes
  My parents are hearing impaired.
503 Frank Sullivan Texas No Yes
  No comment
504 Ryan Sullivan Texas No Yes
  My brother who is on the spectrum would greatly benefit from this law
505 Ann Sullivan TX No Yes
  Excellent law to help people with communication challenges to feel comfortable with law enforcement to process and communicate effectively
506 Brian Sullivan Texas No Yes
  Excellent idea
507 Sean Sullivan Texas No Yes
  I am on the spectrum and have the communication notice on my drivers license. This law would be beneficial to me
508 Stephanie Swann USA No Yes
  I have no comment
509 Shonna Tanksley TX No Yes
510 Kimberly Tannet Alabama No Yes
  Please allow people with disabilities to experience the freedom operating a vehicle can provide.
511 Rosalyn Tarlton Texas No No
  This is a great idea.
  This initiative is another step toward leveling the field for those with communication deficits.
513 Bertha Taylor California No Yes
  This is dear to my heart. Speaking as a mother of a person who will be driving independently in the near future, and as a clinician working with many families that have the very same concerns of a traffic stop gone wrong; we need to timely provide to our law enforcement officers the appropriate information so they can make informed decisions regarding the driver, how his or her disability affects the interaction and what can they do to be effective in protecting and serving without putting the driver or the officer in any danger or liability. Educating officers so they can understand very early during the interaction what neurological and cognitive processes may be affected and adjust differently understanding the driver's condition. Passing this bill will help to minimize law enforcement liability risk, will help our children to become independent drivers; for some individuals this can mean driving to college, driving to a job interview, or driving to the doctor. This bill is needed, do the right thing and make your signature count. As parents of persons with special needs, we have many things to worry about, having a traffic stop gone wrong should not be one of them, Let's give our children the best opportunity they have to become integrated in our society, driving having this protection can have a huge positive impact in our children lives and a better understanding of neurological differences as a society.
514 Nancy Taylor Texas No No
  This information would be valuable to all parties involved,
515 Tonya Taylor Tx No Yes
  Asperger's Syndrome
516 Curtistine Taylor Texas No Yes
  It is very important to recognize those with challenges
517 Heather Thoele Tx No Yes
  My son has Autism
518 Susan Thornton TX No No
  I really want to see this pass. I think it would benefit everyone involved.
519 wes thornton TX no yes
  the child of a friend
520 Ruth Todd Texas No Yes
  This new procedure needs to be put into action!
521 Brian Torres Tx No Yes
  My son has Aspergers
522 Susie Torres Texas No Yes
  I hope this get passed.
523 Andrea Trelles Texas No Yes
  My son has Autism and I worry about him as he becomes an adult because he has challenges hnderstabdingbsicial cues
524 Joan Troutman Texas No Someone I know.
  I work with students with special needs. This is important.
525 Hannah Trowbridge Texas No No
  I believe this is a beneficial solution to an important issue.
526 Lisa Tschirhart Bexar No YES
  Too often, Texas police officers approach a vehicle with no idea what to expect. They have to make difficult decisions with no information and little time to decide. This assists our officers in the performance of their jobs.
527 Yenter Tu Texas No Yes
528 Joyce Turner Texas No Yes
  Medical Personnel at jail, prisons should also be informed. Every branch of law enforcement should be educated
529 Jane-Alice Tye Tx No No
530 Scott Underwood TX Yes YEs
531 Kathy Upchurch Texas No Know some
  I support the development of communications challenge legislation that will enable Officers to know when they are approaching someone with this issue.
532 Enrique Vaca Texas No Yes
  I am a father of an autistic young adult and I strongly believe this initiative is important because autistic people have difficulty in communicate effectively, particularly in stressful situations
533 Lourdes Valdes Texas No Yes
  Important petition.
534 Yolanda Valenzuela United States No Yes my son
  My son has Autism
535 Franklin Vidrine Texas No No
  This would help stop unnecessary deaths.
536 Tammi Vike Dallas County No Yes
  My son is autistic
537 Almendra Villa Texas No Yes
  Wonderful idea!!
538 Diana Villanueva NJ no yes
  i am a parent of a teen with communication challenges and has autism classification.
539 Steven Villarreal Texas No Yes
  Good idea, worth consdering
540 Collin Vincent Texas No Yes...Someone I know
  I am a childhood friend of a mother whose son has Asbergers...
541 Cindy Vines TX No Yes
  This would be very helpful in avoiding misunderstandings in the case of hearing or language impairment.
542 Juli Vrotney Texas No No
  This would really be helpful
543 Allen Walker Texas No Yes
  This is a very important issue for those with communication challenges.
544 Robert Walker Texas No Me
  I'm hard of hearing. Deaf if my batteries dies.
545 Jettie Wallace Texas No Yes
  This is a law that would be beneficial to many.
546 Patrick Ward Texas No Yes
  High school teacher and friends with asperger's individual.
547 Angela Ward Louisiana No Yes
  Yes please pass that a person with a Communication Impediment can register as such.
548 Cynthia Ward TX No No
  No comment
549 Susan Washington Texas No Yes
  My little brother has special needs and wants to learn to drive. I would hate for anything to happen to him because of a lack of communication!
550 Bryan Waterhouse Texas No No
551 Adriana Weatherspoon Texas No Yed
  My fear is when my son drives and gets pulled over he may be in danger due to his social skills as a person with Autism.
552 Karen Webb Texas No Someone I know.
  I know several people that would benefit. Two are non verbal and deaf. And one has Asperger.
553 Diane Wellman Texas No Yes
554 Cheryl Wells Texas no yes
  been waiting for this a long time! thank you!!!
555 Autumn Wheaton Texas HR TDCJ My daughter
  My daughter is often in car with me. She has high functioning autism. She is susceptible to sensory overload and may freak out.
556 Kelly Whitehouse Texas No Yes
  This is great and needs to happen
557 Lisa Williams No Yes
  Let's Make A Positive Change
558 Wanda Williamson TX no yes
  I have a two deaf drivers in my family
559 Mary Willis TN No Yes
560 Josephina Wilson Texas No Yes
561 Geneva Wilson Texas No Yes
  This is a great idea! Think it is needed for safety.
562 Tami Winger Texas No Yes
  Son has Aspergers
563 Christina Wright Texas No Yes
564 Yashica Wyckoff Texas No Yes
  Please pass this bill.
565 Cara Wyly Texas No Yes
  Police officers should have as much information as possible about a person before making contact. It improves safety for all involved.
566 Joseph Yoder Iowa No No
  Many of my family members were or are in law enforcement.
567 Adrianna Young Texas No Yes
  My son has autism.
568 Shay-Lynn Zigler Texas no no
  i’m signing this petition for my cousin Sam.
569 Mónica Zubeldía Texas No Yes
  My son has CLASSIC autism. Nonverbal
570 Shelby Zuniga Texas No Yes
  Please pass this!
571 Brenda Lee Zuniga Texas No Yes
  Personally I have worked with people who are on the spectrum and know how simple things like being stopped by an officer can cause anxiousness, since it is something different from their daily routine. Allowing officers to know ahead of time could help ease situations and provide understanding.