If you were given the chance to work at a job you were interested in for a few hours to assess your skills and abilities, and to decide if you are comfortable and really enjoy it before starting the application process would you do it?


This is called a work assessment, and it is imperative to future success. Vocational rehabilitation offices offer these kinds of important services for individuals with Asperger’s. A work assessment also work in tandem with the inventory assessments.

Work assessments are very beneficial. They allow an individual to work in a simulated or actual work environment for a few hours to decide if it fits the negotiable and non-negotiable parts of their inventory assessment. It allows an opportunity to observe the individual’s interaction with others, hard and soft skills, physical capabilities.

Work assessments will also allow the individual the opportunity to decide if it is a job they think they would enjoy. More and more companies are opening their doors for work assessments, because it allows the company to have volunteer help with their product.

This is also a crucial time for the employment specialist. During the assessments, if it is concluded that a site is a good fit, the employment specialist will start the process of setting up the supports for future potential employment. If it is not a good fit then arrangements will be made to complete a work assessment in another environment of the client’s choice.

One of the most important things to remember during a work assessment is the client has a choice and a voice, and out of everyone’s it is the most important.

If you are interested in having a work assessment done you can contact your local vocational rehabilitation office and inquire about their services, and who they contract with that provides these invaluable services.

by Maggie Cromeens

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