Last week Aspergers101 was proud to host a day of Autism awareness and enlightenment in San Antonio Texas. First we co-hosted a luncheon alongside San Antonio Chief of Police, William McManus regarding the
Driving with Autism statewide initiative. Over 25 law enforcement agencies were represented as well as city officials.  All came together to hear about the new Texas driver license restriction code, Communication Impediment with a Peace Officer and how that may look in a pull-over scenario. Though Dr. Grandin’s plane was delayed, she made her entrance to speak to the officers just as the luncheon drew to a close..a great way to end on a high note!

SA Police Chief William McManus (R) discusses Driving with Autism with Aspergers101 Senior Editor Gabriela Lemos (L)
Jennifer and Samuel Allen present understanding Autism and those with a communication challenge.
Dr. Temple Grandin stands alongside SAPD law enforcement

Jennifer Allen and Samuel Allen presented the impact of the Autistic Brain when encountering drivers displaying the new code. Below lists some of the topics covered to the full house of law enforcement officers:
















Dr. Temple Grandin spoke on the importance of allowing the person with Autism the time to respond. “A person with a communication impediment is like a computer that slowly scrolls to catch up. You’ve got to allow them time respond when confronted with an officer of the law.”


Ron Lucey, the Executive Director of the Texas Governors Committee on People with Disabilities, provided the endorsement of the statewide program “Driving with Autism” and the hope of it’s future. He presented a proclamation, from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, to Jennifer Allen. The proclamation is proclaiming April Autism Awareness Month in the State of Texas.

Nancy Van Loan (with Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities) reads the proclamation alongside Ron Lucey, Executive Director.



Proud to have Eco-Artist Grant Manier (R) and his Mother Julie at the luncheon. Sam Allen(L)
Nico LaHood (R) discusses parenting children with Autism alongside Herb Allen (L)
Aspergers101 provided lunches to SAPD
Mark Abshier, Pastor at MacArthur Park Church of Christ, offers prayer before lunch is served.









For more information on the Texas Driving with Autism (and other communication impediments) Program, you may click on the icon below:

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  1. I am still trying to learn how to drive as an individual on the autism spectrum. I know that I am learning by going on the go karts anyways cause then it makes easier on you to learn how to drive a little quicker anyways when driving a real car. If only more of these autism driving programs would be implemented across the country where there is a huge autism population. Then it makes easier to ease the parent’s concern on their child on learning how to drive anyways. If more go kart tracks would be implemented across the country that it helps train individuals on the autism spectrum how to drive anyways. By training your child on how to drive through the autism driving program that it would help them become less dependent upon the parents anyways.

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