Jennifer Allen


After an extensive career in broadcasting, Jennifer Allen searched for answers when her oldest son hit the kinder years with great difficulty. Upon learning he had Autism, she left her career to better understand the diagnosis and care for her child. The need for more information encouraged Jennifer to elicit a team of autism experts to provide original, daily content for anyone seeking to live their best under the Autism/Asperger’s diagnosis. Now a 501c3 non-profit, Aspergers101 has grown exponentially under the guidance of its CEO/Founder with such programs as  production of televised documentary “Coping to Excelling: Solutions for School Age Children diagnosed with Autism”, securing Texas Legislative Laws that benefit those on the spectrum such as “Driving with Autism” initiative,  numerous Autism/Asperger conferences, training & live-streaming workshops and continual award-winning content published daily on  Her awards include the esteemed Gutenberg Award 2016, SABJ Small Nonprofit 2018, United Way for Health and Wellness Volunteer of the Year award 2016 and ACU Distinguished Alumni Citation 2016.

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