Sharon Neill, M.A.

After decades of hard work on social development, Sharon has come to recognize patterns and themes driving disconnection with self and others. Getting to the root is what it’s all about. Her diverse background with all things special needs includes early interventionist, case manager, foster home developer, trainer, teacher, consultant, and coach. Her mission is to build mission focused leaders for organizations who serve families.  


      Stephanie Pepi

      Stephanie Pepi is the founder and director of the Starfish Social Club located in San Antonio,Texas. She works with students with social learning challenges as a special education teacher, behavior specialist, special education administrator, and campus administrator. Stephanie earned her Masters Degree in Special Education and Education Administration, and specialist certifications in autism, behavior, inclusion, and traumatic brain injury. We are proud to offer Stephanie’s blogs on the ever requested topic of social and behavioral challenges that may face those with autism.  


          Advisory Board

          Aspergers101 relies on the expertise and assistance of it’s voluntary Advisory Board. These individuals are well diversed in experience and knowledge of living your best under the Autism and/or Asperger Syndrome diagnosis. It is their combined talents that supply the Aspergers101 audience with ongoing free support through the website and state policy changes positively advancing those diagnosed with an ASD.

              Ethan Hirschberg

              Ethan Hirschberg is a teenager with High Functioning Autism. In March 2017, he started a blog called The Journey Through Autism, where he shares his personal experiences, insights, and advice to individuals on the spectrum, parents, caregivers, educators, and providers. Ethan’s goal is to educate, advocate, and inspire. Please check out his blog as well as his FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn!

                  Dr. Ghia Edwards

                  Asa ~ ( /’ay-sah/ ) is a Hebrew name, which means “doctor,” or “healer” and Dr. Ghia is used as both, she is a professor of Psychology, received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Southern California Seminary and is as well a licensed ordained minister. Dr. Ghia believes that MINDFULNESS and Wellness go hand in hand and is excited about conducting and being in the first phase of a student focused Mindfulness research project, at San Antonio College in Bexar County. Dr. Ghia Edwards teaches the art of staying in the here and now and believes in the concept of long term Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body health, which comes from living a life of Mindfulness.”The journey isn’t easy but it can be joyful”, Is one of the Doctors favorite sayings.

                  Contact Dr. Ghia Edwards

                      Kirt Manecke


                      Kirt Manecke is an award winning author and sales, marketing, and fundraising specialist who’s an expert at delivering amazing customer service that makes people smile. Kirt is passionate about helping teens and adults succeed. He wants to help people with autism and other special needs get and keep a job and live fulfilling lives, which is why he is thrilled to be working with Aspergers101. He hopes his information will make it easier for parents of kids and adults with special needs to make friends and get that job.

                          Dema Stout

                          Feature Blogger

                          Dema Stout is a Professional Certified Coach who specializes in coaching students and adults with neurological challenges such as AD/HD and autism spectrum disorders. She assists her customers with all aspects of their life such as relationships, education and careers. Additionally, she provides consultation to families who have “intense” children. Dema is owner of Greatness Coaching in San Antonio Texas and is a Certified Advanced Trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach which she utilizes in her work. Aspergers101 is proud to share her knowledge and vast experience to benefit our audience.

                              Reese Eskridge

                              Reese Eskridge is a Production Technician  with Fairville Products who is passionate about working in the sciences (biology) and wishes to take his work experiences further into the fields of Educational Neuroscience; Science Fiction; Freelance Writing; Disability Advocacy; Public Speaking; Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Aspergers101 is proud to offer the insights and perceptions of the talented Mr. Eskridge  to our team of bloggers as he is a great example of living life on the spectrum to it’s fullest!

                              You may contact Reese Eskridge directly at:

                                  Louise O’Donnell Ph.D.

                                  Dr. O’Donnell is a licensed psychologist who provides neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment of children and adolescents with suspected neurodevelopmental and genetic disorders. at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. She has a PhD in School Psychology with an emphasis in child neuropsychology from the department of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas in Austin. In addition to extensive clinical assessment background, she has in-depth knowledge of test design gained from her work with a leading psychological test publisher. It is her clinical assessment  and test design expertise that she puts to work for Aspergers101 by testing and data assessment of our “Driving with Autism” initiative with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

                                  More on Dr. Louise O’Donnell 

                                      Marcia Eckerd PhD

                                      Marcia Eckerd PhD has been in practice as a licensed psychologist since 1985. She is on the CT ASD Advisory Council and the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Aspergers/Autism Association of New England, as well the professional advisory board of Smart Kids with LD. Dr. Eckerd specializes in working with individuals of all ages who have issues with social understanding, rigid thinking, anxiety and emotional control whether or not they are diagnosed as “on the spectrum,” NLD, anxious or even ODD. With my experience in neuropsychological evaluations and therapy, I integrate a comprehensive understanding of patients that includes:

                                      • cognitive processing
                                      • emotional development and dynamics
                                      • life stressors
                                      • co-existing conditions such as ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders and LD

                                      In therapy, she addresses these issues with modular cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), collaborative problem solving, social skills coaching and mindfulness training as well as innovative techniques such as video teaching. Trained extensively in stress reduction techniques, which are effective for all ages, Dr. Eckerd says these are simple scientifically proven techniques that repair the damage of stress to the body and increase stress resilience. Dr. Eckerd also performs extensive neuro-psychological evaluations. Using this knowledge, she often consults with parents, schools, advocates and attorneys to help best meet a child’s needs in school programs or a young adult’s needs in college. Aspergers101 is privileged to pass on the knowledge and experience from Dr. Eckerd by way of her blogs!

                                      You may contact Marcia Eckerd PhD directly:

                                      91 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 and
                                      1261 Post Road Suite 203, Fairfield, CT