Carrie is more than puzzled by the question she has just been asked; she is confused. Her eyes give away her feelings of confusion in different ways. Firstly, there is a lack of focus as she looks into the middle distance trying to find an answer. Secondly, there are several changes in direction as she looks up and down, rackingContinue Reading

How can we tell when someone is thinking hard about a question? There are some simple signs when a person’s mind is really working – when a problem holds their attention completely. It takes effort, and we often see this in movement in the mouth and the brow. Amanda is looking directly at John, but we can see by herContinue Reading

We can see that Laura is not interested in the statement she is reading. Her gaze is unfocused, her eyes look blank. She’s zoning out. But she is not just uninterested. She finds the idea on the page boring, which we see from her compressed lips and the downturned corners of her mouth. Boredom is closely related to tedium, theContinue Reading