His name is as his mission: “Maverick”. He walked into my life with something to say, he wanted to write a series of blogs on Aspergers101 with so much pain to overcome that readers immediately related to the pain and his message of hope. He has overcome and watching him give to others, as does the Sea of Galilee sourcesContinue Reading

 Challenges to Spectrum Success At Birth A child is born into the world Parents don’t expect what challenges a child could bring The Challenges Your child doesn’t make eye contact Your child does not respond to their name Your child does point or acknowledge you Your child does not understand social or gestures to communicate Your child does not makeContinue Reading

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder with a range of conditions characterized by challenges with speech communication, non-verbal communication, social skills, and repetitive behaviors. The word “spectrum” refers to a wide range of differences, challenges, and strength each person with autism has. Studies show that 1 in 88 children will develop autism, and it is the fastestContinue Reading