Guy is listening to an upsetting item on the radio, which is making him feel uncomfortable. He wants it to end, he’s impatient for it to end.

How do we recognise discomfort? When we feel emotionally discomforted it can be like a physical discomfort.

We first see him covering his mouth with his thumb and narrowing his eyes in a defensive gesture. We then see Guy move around in his seat as if trying to get more comfortable. He blinks and then resorts to closing his eyes, as if he is trying to shut out the world.

The restless actions in raising his hand and shifting in his seat reveal his impatience. He sighs whilst compressing his lips, then ends by looking down with his head propped in his hand, grudgingly accepting he has to listen to the end.

Signs to note

  • holds his thumb over his mouth
  • purses his lips and narrows his eyes
  • closes his eyes
  • shifts position in his seat
  • pulls his mouth to the side
  • compresses his lips and sighs

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By John Habershon

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