The dictionary defines glee as:

great delight, especially from one’s own good fortune’

Lindsay has just been asked about a household brand. By coincidence, the makers had only recently given her exceptionally good service, replacing an expensive part at no cost.

She is more than just pleased, she is delighted – and it shows in her body movement. Glee often involves an element of a really nice surprise.

Sometimes it involves a release of tension – think of a baseball crowd when their player hits a home run.

Lindsay can hardly contain her delight as she looks away recalling the experience, then back at John, smiling broadly, rising up in her seat, and then rocking back and forth.

Signs to note

  • looks away and back again
  • smiles widely
  • rises up in her seat
  • laughs
  • rocks back and forth
  • nods to give emphasis

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By John Habershon

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