The dictionary definition for this emotional state is agitated, nervous or confused. You become this way by something that flusters you.

In this case Roy has been presented with a list of powerful words. He thinks he should see some connection between them, but he can’t. So he’s just not sure how to respond. His gaze is unfocused: he’s not looking at anything, nor is he showing signs of thinking. If he was he might be nodding his head; but he’s gently shaking it.

He has pulled his lips into a nervous smile, which stays fixed on his face.

Changes in breathing is often a sign of nervousness. If you look closely you will see a sharp intake of breath, and a few seconds later a sudden breathing out.

Signs to note

  • unfocused gaze
  • sharp intake of breath
  • head to the side
  • pulls his lips into a smile
  • shake of the head
  • looks at John, then looks away

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By John Habershon

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