When asked to think about a particular fashion brand, Karen doesn’t try to hide how dissatisfied she would be if she owned it. It is immediately expressed, as she pulls down the corners of her mouth and presses her lips together.

This is a good example of someone displaying their feelings for all to see. But while her mouth is telling us she is dissatisfied, she is also telling herself. She would make this expression in private, as well. Try thinking of something you don’t like and see what happens to your mouth.Karen makes her feelings even more obvious by wrinkling her nose. This is a biological sign. Wrinkling the nose protects against bad smells, and signals disgust. We also use it to express our more general negative feelings. She is telling us loud and clear, without speaking, that she would not want to own this fashion item.

Signs to note

  • compresses her lips, pulling down the corners of her mouth
  • wrinkles her nose
  • pulls up her mouth under her nose

By Dr. John Habershon

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