Awkwardness is about feeling a little unsure, suddenly feeling self-conscious. We can see the signs in the way Evan moves his body and avoids eye contact.

He is talking about something quite personal, which makes him feel rather uncomfortable.

There is a defensiveness about his posture, resting his chin on his fist, partially covering his mouth, looking away and then rubbing his eye nervously. He shifts position in his chair, looks down and pulls down the corners of his mouth. He puts his hand up in a fluttering action to indicate he’s not sure about the subject.

If someone feels awkward they will often move around in their seat, as if they are physically uncomfortable, whilst avoiding eye contact.

Signs to note

  • looks down, chin on hand
  • establishes eye contact only briefly
  • looks down to his right
  • rubs the corner of his eye
  • closes his eyes, whilst partly covering his face
  • shifts position in his seat
  • pulls down the corners of his mouth
  • his hand flutters to the side

By John Habershon

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