Gus has just been reminded of one of his favourite products and he looks down and smiles to himself, nodding approval.

(Note: The silent video for “Appreciation” comes second after “Sadness”)

You see the smile staying on his face as he thinks about the brand. Then he looks up and gives a direct look and smile, sharing his positive feelings.

It’s confirmed again by another smile and look down. This time we see his mouth close and the right corner pulled up, followed by a pout, as if he’s relishing the thought, almost tasting it.

In “Affection” we see more ‘eye time’ as the object of affection captures the person’s attention. Here we see more ‘thinking time’. He wants to take time and reflect on why he likes this product, or perhaps even more the sheer enjoyment of thinking about it and the good memories it brings.

Signs to note

  • looks down and has a private smile
  • looks up with a smile and keen gaze
  • nods steadily
  • looks down and reflects again
  • compresses his lips, pulling up one corner
  • purses his lips

By John Habershon

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