How I Feel Living with Autism

How I Feel Living with Autism

“I painted this abstract picture to show neurotypicals what it feels like to have Aspergers Syndrome. At the time, I was enrolled in Art Appreciation I at Northeast Lakeview College. One day after class, I was at home and suddenly felt like painting, so I got some brushes, a canvas, and some acrylic paint and began to paint while envisioning the picture and its message in my mind. The black and white background represents how aspies tend to see the world in a black-and-white perspective and that we tend to act monotonous. The colors inside the head represent how our minds are bursting with extraordinary ideas. The white lines above the head represent how when we try to say what’s on our minds, it tends to get distorted by our social awkwardness.”

by: Samuel Allen

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10 thoughts on “How I Feel Living with Autism

  1. Dear Samuel,
    This painting is an infogram! I am going to post it on the website of my non-profit this week confident that it will provide delicate and profound insight into students for teachers in our MicroSociety Schools. I am curious if you have experiences that help you bridge your black & white to color divide and if so, do you see commonalities among those experiences?
    Thank you for teaching us.

  2. Sam, I’d seen this picture that you did before, and I didn’t understand it. Now that I read your description, it makes so much sense. Not that I think like you do, but I now have more insight to how you think. I think I’ll discuss this with JaNae because I think she probably feels like you to in this regard.
    Thank you for who you are and for educating us “neurotypicals” – it’s very helpful!
    We love you and your family,

  3. Samuel thank you for sharing. As a psychology major, it is difficult to explain how someone with autism can express themselves. Thank you for putting it quite simply and in layman’s terms so we can all understand. You’re painting is beautiful and explains far more than most will ever understand. What I personally see is how brilliant someone with Autism is, makes me realize what I should take the time to learn from you. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Sam,
    thank you for teaching us how you feel through your creativity. Your artwork clearly shows you have a lot of ideas bursting. Your explanation helped me to understand how everything is connected for you.
    Thanks again,

  5. Samuel,
    I absolutely love your painting and your explanation. It makes perfect sense and while I was reading your description I thought how very much that descibes my son, who has Autism! I think Autism Speaks should make your picture into T-shirts. Thank you so much for sharing – I was extremely moved!

    • WE thank you for your kind comment Molly! We will soon be incorporating Sam’s drawing into our logo….after all, his plight has been my inspiration. Let us know if there are any topics we could cover that would assist you in your son’s (and your)life.

  6. As a father of a son who has been diagnosed with Asbergers, your picture and your words hit close to home. Thank you for helping me to better understand what my son is going through.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Dan. Please let us know if there are topics we could cover to assist you in parenting your son!