“The Best of Times and The Worst of Times”

Two common things that parents struggle with when their child is on the Autism Spectrum is communication delays (or lack entirely of) and elopement (or wandering). I won’t say that the children struggle with these things because my children were completely content with the fact that they had no need toContinue Reading

Maximizing Mini-Maps

In our last blog, we reviewed the strategy of a mini-map to reduce work avoidance behaviors and increase student success.  For some students, a simple checklist is all they need to get them started and keep them moving through academic activities.  However, other students may need a bit more to be successful.  Here are some considerations if theContinue Reading

View Full Press Release HERE! Mom Launches Gateway Connecting Doctors, Educators & Parents on Aspergers & High Functioning Autism         SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, March 25, 2014 / — Temple Grandin, Albert Einstein and Issac Newton have it… yet many are puzzled by it….let’s talk Aspergers Syndrome! Announcing the launch of a free resource with timely originalContinue Reading

WOAI-TV By:  RANDY ESCAMILLA NEWS 4 SAN ANTONIO SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio mom who's son Sam Allen, 19, has Aspergers Syndrome has launched a website to help parents, doctors, and teachers.  It is www.aspergers101.com.  Read More at: http://news4sanantonio.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/aspergers101com-mom-launches-new-website-9863.shtmlContinue Reading