Meet JB Lynch: College Graduate and 3-D Printer Visionary

Occasionally inspiration hits. Not in the form of a ‘big idea’ but embodied in a young person with promise. Such is the case with James B. Lynch. James (or J.B. as his family calls him) recently graduated with his Bachelor of Arts Business Degree from John Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia. His success was due, in large part, to the program created to support the needs of college students on the autism spectrum.

JB is quick to offer advice to those sending their ASD child to college and it has everything to do with “letting go”…

James is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome allowing him to hyper focus on any given topic. This intense absorption in one subject has gone from video games, computers and 3-D printers scattered thoughout the span of his young life. Supportive parenting is obvious, as JB immersion into 3-D printing is fully supported by seeing his creations/inventions throughout the family home. It was exhilarating to hear about his passion and what started it all….

From seeing that first coffee cup print JB knew he was hooked.

He used graduation money to buy his first 3-D printer kit and began printing small, everyday items…

Here is where it gets exciting! JB, with a tone that implies this is an everyday thought, proceeds to tell of his mechanical hand he is currently seeking approval to use to aid youth that have no funds for prosthetics…

James is no stranger to bullying. He remembers being teased for his time on the computer but that memory drives him to compassion for children missing limbs. The way he figures, they are certain to be a target of bullying so if he were to provide one of his ‘hands’ in bright colors, perhaps the sting won’t be quite as bad.

Though James chose not to be seen on camera, I don’t believe he needed to be as his compassion for others and brilliance inspires through his voice and his character….I hope he inspired you too!

JB Lynch 2

by: Jennifer Allen

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