An Inventory Assessment for Your Personal Preferences in the Workplace

In a previous post we briefly discussed the importance of the inventory assessment in securing employment. This inventory also helps employment specialists identify an individual’s personal preferences.39551a62-167a-484b-8088-ab65b3de67e9

As you know, Aspergers manifests itself uniquely to each person, so employment specialists have to know which types of stimuli will be helpful, and which will be hurtful.

Is the individual sensitive to noise? Are they comfortable working outdoors? Can they tolerate working in a closed space for an eight-hour shift? What are their social tolerances? Essentially, we need to understand if an individual is hypo-sensitive or hypersensitive. Knowing the answers to these questions in advance help to ensure future success.

Unfortunately, I have encountered a great number of my clients who would just burn through jobs one after the other simply because they could never isolate that one critical issue, that one barrier to success. Once they, through the use of thoughtful assessment and training, identify and categorize their specific and unique barriers, we can work together to find an environment that is suited to their needs and more importantly their talents.

Workplace safety is another reason that the Inventory Assessment is so critical. Because, let’s be honest, if they won’t be safe, what is the point? A vital element in assuring future workplace safety is developing confidence and personal awareness. In my experience, the assessment process builds that confidence in the individual. Once they see that someone wants to know them, wants to understand them, they begin to conquer some of those social barriers indicative of Asperger’s. The process also allows for self-reflection that builds self-awareness and allows the individual to work into employment with the skills to succeed.

By Maggie Cromeens

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Gabriela Lemos was born in Porto Alegre, Brasil, and was raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is currently a student at UTSA, graduating in December 2014 with a Bachelor degree in English. Brie states that she loves language and words, and the way in which people communicate with each other. She has always been interested and attracted to the autism community. “I find those on the spectrum to be incredible in so many ways, and I believe we can all learn from each other in our different strengths and weaknesses. I would love to use my talents to aid those who are not as strong in areas which I have confidence, and in turn receive an infinite amount of lessons and aid from those who I work with. Everything you send out, comes back to you, and I plan to practice sending out love and compassion every day”. We feel so fortunate to offer Brie’s talent of writing as well as her passion for autism awareness every week through our Aspergers101 Weekly.

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