In our home it’s a gift to have Aspergers. That’s what we believe and that’s what our son believes to his core. While researchers and scientists continue their quest to discover the source of Autism, I know I love my son exactly for who and what he is.


His uniqueness and contributions to the world seem advanced, and his intense interests and thought processes are from a different mind, literally. What a gift! This, of course, is not without its challenges but I’ve always felt privileged to raise a son on the spectrum. Because of this, I believe that a mother feeling ‘blame’ should never come into the equation.

Autism is a neurological condition and whether that’s altered or affected by environment, virus or pre-determined, the mother never decides to have a child with autism. So why feel blame? It should never come into the equation unless you allow negative finger-pointers near, so always keep those at a distance or at the very least, know they are ignorant.

So as discussions arise on the causes of Autism, don’t take anything personally because you did not choose for your child to be on the spectrum. You should know we all understand each other’s plight, and be mindful that there is no blame involved. There is only life and how we choose to roll with what’s been presented to us.

By Jennifer Allen

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