A couple of years ago, I was home alone while my parents were out for the day. Suddenly, I felt like painting something. At the time, I was in an Art Appreciation class and was watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on YouTube, so both of those played a part in making my painting, but I wanted this painting to be unique.

I decided to make a painting about what it’s like to have Asperger’s Syndrome.

  • The black and white background represents how Aspies tend to see things in a black and white perspective instead of gray.
  • The colorful mind represents how our minds are bursting with ideas that can change the world.
  • The lines above the head represent how when we try to say what’s on our minds, it tends to be distorted by our social awkwardness.

Just last week, I presented the painting at an autism conference in Victoria, Texas and everyone was amazed by the symbolism of it and the art style. I hope that my art piece can be an inspiration for other Aspies and their family and friends who want to understand Aspergers more.  – by Samuel Allen

Sam’s drawing obviously influenced us as Aspergers101 and his depiction of Autism/Asperger Syndrome soon became our logo! Interested in purchasing a signed copy with Sam’s description of ‘how it feels’ to have autism? 100% of proceeds benefits the operation and outreach of Aspergers101. Purchase Poster HERE 

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  1. Sam, I have watched you grow into an amazing young man. I love the sybolism of your painting.
    I hope that the Aspies and their family and friends how gone to the website and have discovered
    what an intelligent young man you are. I know with love, patience and support Aspies can soar.

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