April is Autism Awareness Month and we at Aspergers101.org want to celebrate the Uniqueness of Autism by highlighting those diagnosed along with their special areas of interest! Send us your photos along with a brief caption and we will post here as well as share on our social media sites! A special shout out to our media partners: Bowie County Citizens Tribune (Moser Community Media) and WOAI-TV/KABB-TV (Sinclair Broadcast Group)  for joining Aspergers101 in the month-long celebration!

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Intense Interests

Samuel Allen: I have Aspergers Syndrome and I like to build high-power gaming computers from scratch.

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Grant Manier – I like to create artwork from recycled pieces of paper! I’m an eco-artist. Here is my work: http://www.grantsecoart.com/


Ameen Al-Bahloly: I’m 28 years old and my resume reads: Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor Member, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus. I am proud of my Roman & Maronite Catholic faith & spirituality. I have two associates degrees, one in computer information systems, from Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas. I currently work at Contemporary Services Corporation in Security/Event Staffing.

Nikki Jeanette

Nikki Jeanette: Nikki is the creator of the webcomic “AuTalkz”. She has Asperger’s Syndrome and found relief from panic attacks by doodling. Nikki wanted to make a comic which went back to the “bare basics” of past comics: ones l like Calvin & Hobbes which could teach lessons and procure laughter without the use of bad language and-or graphic violence….she called this comic strip “AuTalkz“.




Alix Generous: I have spoken at various organizations including TEDx, United Nations Convention, National Speakers Association, New Mexico Society for Autism, Ashley Hall, The College of Charleston School of Business, etc on my experiences with mental health issues and having Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Talks: “Complex Problems Require Unique Minds” http://youtu.be/tzQDewp48MU “Using Science to Think Differently” http://youtu.be/xgV4wy-lz_8 “Environmental Threats on the Symbiotic Relationship of Coral Reefs and Quorum Sensing”


Terrilee Tatum: I like my dogs, playing & teaching tennis, drawing and running in marathons!


Shaina Cilimberg: I am a struggling author who wants people to take her books seriously and learn from them. My books are for teens and young adults, called Deep River High Series. They tackle serious issues such as friendships, bullying, eating disorders in males, OCD, Aspergers and other topics.


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Jennifer Allen

After an extensive career broadcast marketing, Jennifer and her husband searched for answers when their oldest son hit the kinder years with great difficultly. After finally learning that their oldest son had Aspergers Syndrome, she left her career in television and became a full time mother to both of her sons. Jennifer elicited the participation of her sons and together they produced several independent programs including a children’s animated series titled Ameriquest Kids (now distributed by Landmark Media) as well as her documentary and book titled, Coping to Excelling: Solutions for school-age children diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. The need for more information encouraged Jennifer to elicit a team of autism experts to provide weekly, original content to a website free to anyone seeking to live their best under the diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism/Aspergers Syndrome… appropriately titled: Aspergers101.com.

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