Happy New Year! As Aspergers101 begins the year 2016…we go in with a bang for our Autism/Asperger Community. Celebrating the Uniqueness of Autism is a campaign designed to do just that…celebrate the quirks and perks of Aspergers Syndrome. One way Aspergers101 will reach out is through a collaborative effort with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s TV Station in San Antonio Texas, WOAI-TV.


General Manager John Seabers and  Creative Services Director Terry McFarlane graciously agreed to partner with Aspergers101 in bringing the message of Celebrating the Uniqueness of Autism to the viewers through a series of PSAs (Public Service Announcements) to air on WOAI, News 4 San Antonio, and digital Channel 4.2 Antenna TV as well as a worldwide reach on Aspergers101.org.

Agreeing to host the PSA series is senior veteran anchor Randy Beamer with the initial ads featuring the talents of Dr. Temple Grandin, Samuel Allen and Houston Eco-Artist Grant Manier. Each posses unique talents that could have been overlooked if not for someone standing up for them and guiding them toward their area of expertise.

We want to share these initial PSAs with you here:

Spotlight on: Inventor, Autism Activist and Author Dr. Temple Grandin

Spotlight on: Aspergers101 Samuel Allen 

 Spotlight on: Eco Artist Grant Manier


download (3)




Aspergers101:  Obviously WOAI has a strong commitment for community. What motivated John Seabers to take on this partnership with Aspergers101 to educate and enlighten his viewing audience on Autism? 

Terry (WOAI-TV):   We take our role in the community very seriously. When we have the ability to shine a light on a great cause, or educate and inform…we will take advantage of those opportunities.

Aspergers101:  When you have your main anchor, Randy Beamer, agreeing to host the psa series: Celebrating the Uniqueness of Autism, that’s certainly making a strong statement of care for a cause. Was there a  personal reason behind his taking part?

Terry (WOAI-TV):   Our on-air personalities are committed to making a difference in San Antonio. Supporting our local non-profit groups is one way they can do it. Randy has spent most of his career in San Antonio, so causes important in his home town take priority.

Aspergers101:  When/where will these psa’s air?

Terry (WOAI-TV):  The PSAs will air on WOAI, News 4 San Antonio, and our digital Channel 4.2 Antenna TV

Samuel Allen recording the PSA at WOAI Studios
2015-02-06 11.51.33
Dr. Temple Grandin and Samuel Allen






2015-02-06 11.04.34
Eco Artist Grant Manier stands with his artwork and Mother Julie McCoy

For more on Celebrating the Uniqueness of Autism go to our special section on this initiative as we grow this outreach in 2016!

Thank you and the very best to you and your family in 2016!

– Jennifer Allen and staff at Aspergers101

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