An amusing moment I recall is when I was home from school once in high school, and had the TV on as stimulation in the background.  It was running an episode of “Blue’s Clues”, and they were covering emotions.  I actually got one of them wrong on the section of matching up body language with an emotion.


However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t comprehend or understand emotions, or what other people are going through.  In fact, I tend to use some of my experiences to help other people if they’re having a rough time.  I enjoy helping people…that’s one of the biggest reasons I started to make AuTalkz, in fact!

There are just so many emotions out there…I actually get worried at times that I’ll run out of facial expressions for Kairy to make in these comics, or not properly express it.  Reading manga has actually helped, since Japanese Manga tends to focus more on the character (body language and facial expression) telling the story of what’s happening rather than speech bubbles (like in American comics).

I also have trouble recognizing what emotion I’m feeling if it’s more complicated than just “happy”, “sad”, or “angry”.  I might even try to describe some of the emotions with a combination of the easier emotions to identify when talking about my own emotions, even though I can write a story where the characters feel various emotions.

It’s not that I don’t know of them, it’s that I have trouble properly identifying what it is when I’m the one feeling it.  Or, if someone else is feeling it and doesn’t tell me, because I can’t tell by their body language unless it’s really obvious (like crying if they’re sad).

By Nikki J.

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  1. I love your artwork into how you express things in your life with Aspergers Syndrome. You have such an amazing talent and gift there and I do agree to what you’re sharing that sometimes with us in what we experience in life that we do however, struggle or have some limitations here and there to what we need to do in life yet that shouldn’t stop us at all.

    I wish I still had the skills to draw again as do love to draw and other things to find my balance etc. Hoping this makes sense.

    Feel free to view my channel if you wish and spread the word to your friends and family to help me to spread more awareness etc into what I am doing right now.

    Link is:

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