Aspergers101 Annual Report – 2017



Aspergers101 was founded in 2013 to educate the public about Aspergers Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. We provide an online learning platform, offer presentations in schools and organizations, produce videos, and present free community programs to raise awareness and advocate for policy changes to empower people with autism and AS working toward greater independence. When parents and educators don’t know where to turn, Aspergers101 aims to provide them with the best information and resources available.

Our award-winning website,, features weekly articles in the areas of Medical, Education, Family, Employment, Social Development, Adulthood and Driving with Autism. Doctors, therapists, educators, and specialists provide down-to-earth, accessible articles to help parents, families, and the autism community better understand medications, training, diagnosis, therapies and services, and to make educational choices that suit their individual child from K-12 to higher education and beyond.

In 2015, we began a campaign to address the need among people with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism to obtain driver’s licenses and maintain safety in interactions with law enforcement. In only two years time, this program has reached thousands of individuals with autism and their families, provided training for hundreds of Texas law enforcement officers, and successfully advocated for new legislation supporting people with a variety of disabilities that fall under the category of “Communication Impediment with a Peace Officer.”


2017 Impact

 In the last year, Aspergers101 has exponentially expanded our impact to include autism training for businesses, law enforcement via livestream and training modules. In addition, our organization has spear-headed a state wide marketing campaign and Texas DPS policy changes positively affecting those with a communication impediment. Below lists those achievements:

  • Autism Driving Camp – Aspergers101 successfully held the first “Driving with Autism” camp for new drivers, partnering with the Texas Department of Public Safety to match young drivers with State Troopers for one-on-one driving training sessions. At the camp, we were also able to video record “pull-over situations” for both our law enforcement training videos, and our training videos for drivers with a communication impediment. A study of the impact of this project was conducted by researchers from the UT Health Science Center, and was presented at the Texas Psychological Association.

  • Summer Series w/San Antonio Public Library – Aspergers101’s local impact also included the presentation of a series of four informative workshops on Autism at the San Antonio Public Library throughout the summer 2017. This series covered four topics related to Aspergers Syndrome and autism: 1) Diagnosis; 2) Social Development; 3) Choices in Education; and 4) Independent Living. Through our partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting, The Texas Governors Committee on People with Disabilities and WOAI-TV, we were able to live-stream these free community presentations, to reach a total audience of over 120,000 individuals state-wide! This excellent resource continues to inform today as it remains on Aspergers101, free of charge. You may view all sessions in their entirety here:

  • Training/Workshops – Aspergers101 has continued to provide free workshops and trainings for parents, educators, and the community at large, covering a variety of topics including Early Signs of Autism & Asperger’s, What Happens After High-School? and Adult Coping Skills. We have provided these trainings for teachers and parents at Region 20, Region 3, area colleges and North East Independent School District. We have also donated dozens of copies of the Coping to Excelling documentary, produced by Jennifer Allen/Aspergers101, to San Antonio area schools, foundations, families and autism related organizations.

We are also expanded our impact to employers, and have collaborated with Splashtown, H-E-B, and others to provide training on best practices for hiring people with Aspergers and high-functioning autism, as well as for understanding and serving customers with AS and autism.


  • Driving with Autism and other Communication Impediments – Aspergers101 has been responsible for a state-wide marketing campaign notifying Texas citizens of their right to place a new restriction code directly on their driver licenses informing an officer of the law of potential challenges in a pull over scenario. Over 500 frames posters (English and Spanish) and 25,000 brochures (English and Spanish) were produced and distributed to all Texas DPS Driver’s License Offices. This program is on-going and now has the endorsement and assistance of the Texas Governors Committee on People with Disabilities.

  • In addition to alerting the Texas population of this ground-breaking opportunity for protection, Aspergers101 produced and launched a :30 Public Service Announcement that aired in all major cities in the State of Texas. This PSA continues to air today. You can view the PSA and read more about Driving with Autism initiative here:




January – December 2017

Revenue/ Donations 20,868.09
Grants 20,311.26
Jennifer Allen 850.00
Sales 1,425.45
Bumper Sticker 94.41
Total Sales 1,519.86
Website Underwriting 720.00
Total Revenue $44,269.21
GROSS PROFIT $44,269.21
Expenditures/Advertising/Promotions 1,237.75
Bank Charges 846.70
Commissions & fees 3,000.00
Conference Fees 851.73
Contract Labor 20,675.77
Contributions From Us 284.87
Dues & Subscriptions 2,664.13
Food 1,719.71
Fuel 354.70
Hardware/Software 1,225.28
Hotel 1,122.05
Parking 24.29
Postage 184.80
Repair & Maintenance 50.00
Stationery & Printing 449.46
Summer Autism Series w/SA Public Library -355.83
Supplies 480.97
Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Expenditure 19.44
Website Maintenance 848.04
Website Marketing 563.69
Work Shops 6,050.46
Total Expenditures $42,298.01
NET REVENUE $1,971.20



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