1. hi i am a 40 yr old adult. have listened to your podcast. you mentioned about biggest fear is uncertainty/change and there is things to do before counceling. can you expand on your recommendations please?

    1. “I would say that you must first understand your situation in as much detail as possible and understand which strategies to adopt. Strategies include jumping into experiences, assessing them from a non-involved viewpoint, and establishing rapport with someone who is in or acquainted with the position or situation that is desirable to you. If you feel that you need help, especially in the instance where you become anxious or afraid, you may seek unofficial counsel from trusted acquaintances, such as family members first and use professional counseling as a secondary option. The professional counseling could be rooted in psychology or business, online or in person, depending on your situation.

      By treating unofficial as the first option and professional counseling as the second, you can confirm whether the family support system is as effective as you desire. If it is, you may just be able to resolve the issue of uncertainty through them. If not, counseling in a non-judgmental and organized environment, such as in counseling, will be a great asset in addition to unofficial support or a better alternative to the first option.

      Above all, you must understand exactly what you are experiencing if you wish to receive any aid, including aid from yourself. Read up on the things about which you would like to know and get a mind for them by taking the experiences one step at a time at a comfortable pace and by examining possible situations from all different angles. By getting a mind, I mean get a mind for the likely dialogue in conversations, the systems, policies, and practices in particular businesses, what you expect to receive and what you think you will receive. In short, the mantra for getting a mind is to purposely prepare for anything and to experiment for experience, with purpose. Then, you will have certainty about your situations that will allow you to make informed decisions and to expand comfort zones. Also remember that some kind help is available, regardless of the circumstances, even if that help is in the form of a relevant book, website, or article.

      I hope this helps and feel free to contact me with any further questions, concerns, or suggestions.

      Best regards,

      Reese Eskridge

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