Announcing the Next Step in Autism Resource Websites

Announcing a new, first-of-its-kind website designed to help families of people with autism living in Bexar County (including San Antonio and surrounding areas) access the help they need all from one convenient location!logo_all

Autism Lifeline Links allows you to navigate your way through local and on-line autism resources, as well as customizing and maintaining your specific special needs through a on-line registration process. Particularly helpful is an up to date community resource guide that is downloadable providing you with current (and categorized) services within the area.

“You are invited into a platform that lets you communicate with every service provider you need, clinical, social services, dentists, barbers, doctors, who know how to deal with family members with autism,” as explained by Tullos Wells, the manager of the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation.

The press conference announcing the new platform is seen in it’s entirety  below.

Autism Lifeline Links is a registered 501c3 non-profit and reminds us all that through unity… true service to those in need is realized.

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