Help put those with Aspergers in the workplace!

For those with Aspergers, maintaining employment can be a challenge. Our main focus at ASPERGERS101 is to provide important resources to help the Aspergers community, free of charge. To address employment with High Functioning Autism our Employment expert, Maggie Cromeens, will donate her time every week to answering YOUR questions regarding this critical topic. Please answer the 5 questions in our survey to help us form this new complimentary service.

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Thank you for taking the time to take our survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and always encourage a mutual discourse within our community! We want to hear from you.

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One thought on “Help put those with Aspergers in the workplace!

  1. Hi – I was a professional in the United States Government for 17 years. I was terminated because of my disabilities and the limitations surrounding them. I am higher functioning but primarily non-verbal. The agency, Food & drug Administration, through there officials William M. Keck and Facundo I Bernal, used this limitation to their advantage by bullying, harassing and alienating me causing me to shutdown. William Keck and I had a previous relationship which creates a glaring conflict of interest as a decision maker in my termination from my federal career. Please help by signing my petition to end the stigma and injustice many autistics suffer in employment. #justice #mentalillness #autism #staceymeyer