Aspergers101 FB Livestreaming Series: 7P TONIGHT!

Tonight at 7pm, we continue to offer you our year-end giving of information with the Aspergers101 Facebook Live-streaming Series. Tonight’s topic is one you might want to share with someone suspecting they, or their child, might have a form of Autism or Asperger Syndrome. It is as important to know one way or the other. Our guest speaker is Dr. Berenice de la Cruz, will she offers an overview and insight into the signs of autism. Additionally we will offer downloadables….there is no charge for admission! Just go to the Aspergers101 Facebook Page at 7pm (CST) tonight.


What: Suspect Autism or Asperger Syndrome?

Where: Aspergers101 Facebook Page

When: TONIGHT! 7p (CST) Monday October 21st

Why: Do you suspect someone you love has autism or Asperger Syndrome? This pre-recorded program explores the signs, the medical explanation, and the hardwired facts. Topics discussed will be the importance of diagnosis, grief, and moving forward with awareness. Hosted by Jennifer Allen & son Samuel Allen, Co-founders of Aspergers101. Special guest: Dr. Berenice de la Cruz, Ph.D., BCBA-D (runtime 1:31:18) Panel discussion follows.

Upcoming Event! Jennifer Allen to Speak at ACU Summit

“The Less Traveled Path to Christ: Families, Autism and the Church Today”

Jennifer Allen, 9:30-10:15 AM

Autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and developmental delays often keep kids (and parents) away from church. The Great Commission instructs us to go and preach the gospel to all nations, to all people … and as for those with disabilities, we must put aside our fear of “different” by first understanding the uniquely wired brain and then providing accommodation(s). Jennifer Allen will share her family’s personal journey of having a child diagnosed with autism and how the less traveled path to Jesus, though oftentimes rocky, offers beautiful vistas that neurotypicals seldom witness. This session is for the church to better understand the challenges that face these families along with suggested accommodations and especially for the parent torn about church and their children.


When: Tuesday, September 17th

Time: 9:30a – 10:15a

Where: ACU Summit on the Campus of Abilene Christian University 

               ACU Biblical Studies Building 1201850 Teague Boulevard

               Abilene, TX 79601 – Room 120

Cost: Free

Go to ACU Website for full information on ACU Summit 2019  or download the full ACU Summit 2019 Program here. Note: Jennifer Allen’s presentation: The Less Traveled Path to Christ: Families, Autism and the Church Today is listed on page 23.

Announcing a New Resource: Aspergers 101 FAQ!

Announcing a new resource on Aspergers101! Today we launch Aspergers 101 Frequently Asked Questions section. We polled the 101 top requested questions on Asperger Syndrome and put them in one place for those seeking information on High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome! These questions range from the origins of Asperger Syndrome, the early signs all the way through adulthood. Some questions merited a one word response while others provide you with a detailed bullet-point answer. We would like to thank our underwriting sponsor: The Starfish Social Club and Stephanie Pepi for supporting and providing you this free resource!

Autism and My Path Through Life. Presented by: Dr. Temple Grandin

Do we have a big gift for you! Dr. Temple Grandin has graciously given her permission to offer, for a limited time, access to her talk at the Aspergers101 recent event in San Antonio, “Unlocking the Potential: An Evening with Dr. Temple Grandin”. You’ll have a front row seat to her speech: “Autism and My Path Through Life” recorded April 19th 2018 at the San Antonio Pearl Stable. The runtime 48:54 and we feel certain you will want to view it more than once!

(Click anywhere on this banner to view Dr. Grandin Speech)

Thursday, April 19th was a resounding success…an evening that truly made a difference!

“It felt very intimate, as if she truly knew that so many people in the audience were either relating to her speech or appreciating her wisdom. You could hear a pin drop and that entire audience (including myself) was absolutely spellbound.” -Dr. Jane Lynch/UTHSC

We Hope You Enjoy Viewing Our Powerful Production of the Inspirational Dr. Temple Grandin! With your kind donation Aspergers101 (501c3 non-profit) will be able to continue providing free daily content from pioneers blazing the autism trail in medicine, education, policies and on the homefront.


Results of your feedback are in…it helps with sleep!

Just over 2 months ago, Aspergers101 asked for 20 families to take part in a survey…the one requirement? Someone in your family, on the spectrum, to have had trouble with sleeping.  24 of our readers/viewers took part in the study. To bottom-line the results over 90% felt their overall quality of lives improved as their child (or self) finally had better sleep. Because we took part in the study I wanted to share with you the full report from the Sound Pillow Sleep System here.

Thank you, Jennifer Allen

Help put those with Aspergers in the workplace!

For those with Aspergers, maintaining employment can be a challenge. Our main focus at ASPERGERS101 is to provide important resources to help the Aspergers community, free of charge. To address employment with High Functioning Autism our Employment expert, Maggie Cromeens, will donate her time every week to answering YOUR questions regarding this critical topic. Please answer the 5 questions in our survey to help us form this new complimentary service.

Take Survey

Thank you for taking the time to take our survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and always encourage a mutual discourse within our community! We want to hear from you.

Warmest Regards,
Gabriela Lemos/Editor Aspergers101

Celebrating Generosity!

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Congratulations Dr. Marc Ellison!

7108Aspergers101 would like to congratulate Dr. Marc Ellison on his new appointment as the Executive Director of the West Virginia Autism Training Center! Dr. Ellison shares his expertise of engaging students, with High-Functioning Autism/Aspergers Syndrome,  successfully throughout their college years. You can benefit from his vast experience by reading his blogs every week right here at

Marc Ellison, Ed.D. is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and an approved Licensed Professional supervisor (ALPS) who has worked nearly 30 years to provide person-centered support, services and advocacy to individuals who live with autism spectrum disorders, their families and those who support them. He has supported individuals with ASD throughout their lifespan, as they moved to the community from state-supported institutions, searched for and obtained employment, entered into relationships, and transitioned into college.MarshallUniversity

Aspergers101 featured on Fox News

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Jennifer Allen is featured on Fox News Affiliate KABB on Daytime at Nine to discuss Aspergers Syndrome and the making of Top of the Spectrum News.